Ayo Makun’s ‘Almajiri’ Fails to Impress at Nigerian Box Office – Is the Box Office King Losing His Crown?

Popular comedian Ayo Makun, renowned as the Nollywood Box Office King, is facing a surprising setback with his latest release, Almajiri.

Opening to lackluster figures at the Nigerian box office, the film failed to generate the expected buzz. The figures from the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN) show that the new title made only ₦5,425,050 across 54 locations over the weekend.

This article examines the possible factors contributing to Almajiri’s struggle, including insufficient pre-release marketing, a departure from AY’s comedy genre, and stiff competition from international titles.

Insufficient Pre-release Marketing

One of the glaring lapses in Almajiri’s marketing strategy was the lack of pre-release promotion. Unlike successful films such as Barbie and Funke Akindele’s projects, which employed aggressive and attention-grabbing online marketing campaigns, Almajiri failed to create substantial pre-release buzz.

With the film’s official trailer and character posters dropping just a day before its release, there was little time to build anticipation, especially for a non-comedy title.

In today’s saturated market, a mere social media presence and posting schedules are insufficient to entice potential moviegoers to venture out and spend money on a new film.

Notably absent from the release of Almajiri was mainstream marketing. Apart from a few clips on AY’s Instagram page and a one-day paid Twitter campaign over the weekend, the film’s promotional efforts were remarkably underwhelming.

This departure from AY’s usually successful marketing tactics left us puzzled. Considering AY’s track record of delivering hit projects, the lackluster marketing rollout for Almajiri falls short of expectations.

A project of this magnitude, shedding light on a critical issue, should have been accompanied by a substantial marketing budget to maximize its reach and impact.

The Risk of Departing from Comedy

AY Makun’s success has been predominantly rooted in the comedy genre. However, with Almajiri, he ventured into unfamiliar territory by tackling the heartbreaking struggles faced by Almajiri children in Northern Nigeria.

While addressing this pressing issue is commendable, the domestic box office has consistently shown that comedy sells most of the time. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Almajiri faced an uphill battle in capturing the attention of a comedy-loving audience.

AY Makun’s decision to explore a different genre required a more robust marketing approach than the one employed to create intrigue and compel viewers to experience this poignant narrative.

Stiff Competition from International Titles

Another significant hurdle for Almajiri was the formidable competition from international titles dominating the box office.

With films like The Flash, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, and The Little Mermaid ruling the charts, AY had his work cut out for him.

These highly anticipated releases attracted a significant portion of the cinema-going audience, leaving little room for Almajiri to thrive.

Despite facing challenges at the Nigerian box office, Almajiri has the potential to become a sleeper hit and leave a lasting impact. While the film’s performance fell short of expectations, it is important to acknowledge that box office numbers alone do not determine a film’s significance.

As the film continues its run and gains momentum, word-of-mouth and positive reviews may gradually draw more audiences to experience this poignant narrative.

AY Makun’s dedication to tackling social issues through his work is commendable, and with continued marketing efforts and strategic positioning, Almajiri could find its rightful place among the successful films of Nigerian cinema.

Watch the trailer of Almajiri below.

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