#BBNaija: Bisola is a bully and TBoss can no longer take it, Efe and Marvis get a divorce + more highlights

It’s Day 60 already but it looks like we’re the only ones counting considering the housemates have so much on their hands, they barely even have time to laze around checking what time it is.

The moviemaking mood is still on and today is the day the housemates get to shoot a viral video. You won’t believe the concept they settled for. A divorce between newlyweds, Efe and Marvis. Haha! Celebrity divorces go viral so why not this one?!

Before shooting commenced, the housemates got on their morning exercise activity with no tension hanging in the air. There was the possibility of tension because Bally had been rude to Debie-Rise the night before while they all had dinner. He said to her “who go marry this one sef” after she claimed to be married. Even after she expressed her discontent with that statement and TBoss had asked him to apologize, Bally insisted he didn’t owe her any apologies because “when she dey do her own, nobody dey complain“. Well, what can we say!

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Anyway, back to the day’s business. The housemates pulled through the day’s task shooting their viral divorce video which was set three years after that flamboyant wedding ceremony. We all remember right? It was only three weeks ago. Now, the groom Efe is being accused of serial cheating and infidelity. Marvis’ friends, TBoss and Debie-Rise have a pile of accusations against him and even wifey herself can testify that she’s washed lipstick stains off his boxer shorts many times. Ah! Tough one then. So they sit before the family and discuss the matter with Efe defending himself and alluding to the fact that his career as a musician (that has blown) is the reason why there are so many ladies around. His exact words were “my job description puts me in such light…I’m exposed to scandal” Valid excuse? Not quite. The divorce still went on. Bride’s dad, ThinTallTony was represented with a photo, by the way. #MARFE2017??

With the shooting of the viral video done, Bisola took charge of the camera from Bally as it was time to make a movie. A horror movie. Death, blood and fear, sorta movie. Okay maybe we’re exaggerating but Bisola almost personified horror when she began to shut down suggestions and interjections from the housemates, but according to Debie-Rise, TBoss got shut down the most. *sighs*

The housemates took a meal break and Bisola used the opportunity to quiz the others on her treatment of TBoss in the house. Bully or nah? Maybe she shouldn’t have as the conversation truly got on TBoss’ nerves and she raised her voice at Bisola for asking other people about her (TBoss) emotions right in front of her. To be fair on the other housemates, they all admitted that Bisola did bully TBoss. Do you agree with them? Or you think TBoss takes things too personally?

Anyway, the shoot had to continue so the housemates had to put their differences behind and work together. TBoss even made tea for Bisola when she got so cold from shooting in the jacuzzi outside. Our opinion? These two housemates may never be friends if they both make it to the finals.

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But will TBoss make it to the finals? She’s up for eviction, alongside Bassey, Debie-Rise and Bally. Who are you voting for?

Also, did you catch the Marvis and Bally’s kiss? The duo are playing couple in the horror flick so they had to share that kiss in the opening scene. How does Efe feel about this kiss that looks like nothing like acting to us.

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