#BBNReunion: Did Ozo conspire with Ka3na to hurt Nengi or is Ka3na lying?

Last night’s episode of the Big Brother Naija Reunion show was centered around the love quadrilateral between Ozo, Dorothy, Nengi and Prince, and it was every bit the mess we expected it to be. All four characters involved were put on the spot and the controversies they stirred while in the house were brought to light.

From Nengi being accused of using both Ozo and Prince, to Ozo being accused of causing a rift between Dorothy and Nengi, everything between this four ex-housemates were aired.

If you watched the show, you obviously know what the drama on last night’s reunion show was about. But if you were not very conversant with the show, then in its simplest form the gist goes something like this: Ozo liked Nengi, but she refused to reciprocate the feeling. He then constantly sought advice from Dorothy who in turn had a crush on him, and she took his side, dismissing Nengi as an attention whore.

Ozo then temporarily got over Nengi thanks to Dorothy’s words of encouragement, if you can call it that, and moved on. Nengi noticing the change in Ozo’s behaviour and how cold he was being to her moved on to Prince. Prince, who had a feeling he was being strung along also got over Nengi and moved on. It was at this point Ozo came back into the picture.

From then on Ozo developed a close friendship with Nengi, while his relationship with Dorothy for some reason had been soured.

Well, that was the story in a nut shell, it is certainly more detailed and complex than that, and an in-depth narration would require a book on to itself. But the long and short of the story is, the whole situation was a mess. However, during the reunion show, things got really interesting when Ka3na, a foreign character in this plot disclosed that Ozo had come to her to beg her to help him make Nengi jealous. This, while an interesting development seemed misplaced.

For starters, no one really asked her, and if it’s true, it sounds like something a peace loving individual would want to keep private. Also nothing about Ozo’s character during the show gave off a petty vibe, if anything he seemed too honest and true to his feelings to a fault. So for this one, it feels like cap, but who are we to call the boss lady a liar, she may as well be telling the truth, but that narrative is subjective to who you think, between Ozo and Ka3na is more likely to use this reunion platform to garner more social media relevance, and trends.

So what do you think, is Ka3na misrepresenting the facts for some attention, is she telling the truth, or Ozo is denying her accusations to save face, retain that innocent lover boy persona which he portrayed in the house? Which is most likely?

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