Beauty hazard: Doctor warns eyelash makeup may damage your eyes (but we have the solution!)

by Rachel Ogbu

Heels could sprain your ankles, shoulder bags gives you bad posture, tight jeans stops circulation. Wait, here’s one more things ladies: eyelash makeup could damage your eyes.

A consultant optometrist, Dr Michael Nwoko, has advised women not to apply eyelashes as makeup to avoid damaging the eyes.

Nwoko, who is the Chairman, National Optometric Association, Edo chapter, gave the advice in an interview with the NANA saying that the product contained chemicals that could damage the eyes.

He said the eye reacted with any chemical that came close to it, adding: “When you apply chemicals, such as makeup on the eyes, the eyes must react and this could lead to itching of the eyes.

“Some of the patients that have recurrent conjunctivitis which is an eye infection that affects the outer eyeball is sometimes due to chemical reaction with the eyes.”

 The optometrist also said that rubbing an itching eye could lead to the introduction of microorganisms to the eyes.

He, however, advised that the makeup should be applied on the eyebrow and not on the eyelashes. “If it is on the eyebrow, which is far away from the eye, it’s okay but anything that gets to the eyelashes must react with the eyes.”People that apply makeup on the eyelashes must reduce it or if possible they should stop it”, Nwoko said.

Follow these tips to keep your eyes healthy as well as beautiful:

 •Throw away eye makeup after three months. Infection-causing bacteria grow easily in creamy or liquid eye makeup. If you develop an eye infection, immediately toss all of your eye makeup.

•Never share eye makeup, and when sampling makeup in stores use only fresh applicators and samples that have not been contaminated by multiple users. (The safest choice is to avoid store samples altogether.)

•If you tend to be allergic, introduce only one new eye makeup or care product at a time. If there is no reaction, add another new product, and so on. If you notice an allergic reaction, find out what the ingredients are and let your doctor know. Avoid products that contain untested or harmful chemicals.

•Before applying makeup, be sure your face and eyelids are very clean. Always apply makeup outside the lash line, away from the eye, to avoid blocking the oil glands of the upper or lower eyelid. These glands secrete oil that protects the eye’s surface. Never apply makeup while in a moving vehicle.

•Do not separate your mascara-clumped lashes with sharp items.

•If you tend to have dry eyes, avoid metallic/glitter, powder or other makeup that flakes. Flakes can get into the tear film and increase your eyes’ irritation. Glitter eye makeup is a common cause of corneal irritation or infection, especially in contact lens users.

•Remove all eye makeup at night before sleeping, especially mascara that can stick to the lashes. Brush a clean cotton swab along the base of the eyelashes to remove all makeup remnants. If you use eye makeup remover, avoid getting it in your eyes and thoroughly rinse remover off your eyelids.

If you have eye surgery, do not wear makeup around the eye until your ophthalmologist tells you it is safe to do so, and then use only fresh, new makeup.

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