Insider’s Guide: Here are 10 Best Resorts in Lagos According to Google Reviews | Ranked

Insider's Guide: Here are 10 Best Resorts in Lagos According to Google Reviews | Ranked

Lagos, the centre of excellence in Nigeria, is a thriving city  known for its busy streets, diverse culture, magnificent edifices and incredible coastal beauty. It is also home to a variety of luxurious resorts that cater to every traveler or tourist looking for a peaceful escape from the city’s bustle. 

Because we are committed to your happiness and comfort, we have compiled a list of the 10 finest resorts in Lagos, with google reviews, to help you plan and make your next staycation a memorable one.

So, if you are visiting Lagos for the first time, or you live in Lagos and want to have a good time, here are 10 best hotels and resorts in Lagos, Nigeria.

1. Salt Beach Lagos (4.8/5)

Located on the Ikaare Private Island in Lagos, the Salt Beach is one of the most incredible sights in Lagos. Situated on a private island, this beach resort offers a mix of Santorini and Maldives feel, giving its guests the perfect paradise experience. With its stunning beauty, paradise feel and top notch hospitals and service, this beach is designed for people who want an exclusive taste of luxury.  

Guest review: “This is hands down the most beautiful beach resort in Lagos. It is picturesque, the staff were amazing, the service impeccable and the views are to die for . You want luxury ? This is the place for you”- Hannah

2. The Seattle Residences and Spa (4.7/5)

With an amazing rating of 4.7 out of 5, the Seattle Residences and Spa is hands down one of the most beautiful sites in Lagos. Located in the serene enclave of Walter Carrington Street, Victoria Island, the suites are the perfect blend of modern architecture, indulgent home comforts, state-of-the-art appliances and breathtaking vistas. It has a view that overlooks the ocean, state of the art spa and a children’s playground. If you’re looking for a solo vacation or a spot to spend time with family, the Seattle Residences is for you.

Guest Review: “The Seattle Residence and Spa is luxury and beauty fused in a serene and cozy atmosphere. It’s an ideal getaway for anyone who wants to experience unique hospitality in the heart of the commercial nerve of Nigeria. I look forward to returning here again!. I love the experience and the place!” – Nnaji.

3. Lagos Marriott Hotel Ikeja (4.7/5)

Who says there are no beautiful sites on the mainland?. Located at the heart of Ikeja sits the Lagos Marriott Hotel. This 5-star resort boasts of spacious rooms, amazing fine-dining restaurants and beautiful art pieces. Known for its impeccable service and hospitality, the Marriott hotel has established itself as one of the top choices for staycations and family holidays. It offers an ample courtyard space overlooking the pool and a beautiful garden. For a cozy and luxurious 5-star experience, the Lagos Marriott hotel should be top of your list.

Guest Review: “Hey Marriott! It was a beautiful space, the lobby was amazing, and I felt really warm. I liked the space alot, it was well lit. The concierge, the security guys at the entrance and in the garage, the house keepers were all really cool guys, they did their job with a smile and were happy to answer my questions.” – Rachel

4. Jara Beach Resort (4.5/5)

The picturesque Jara Beach Resort is located on the coast of Lagos, Nigeria. This beachfront retreat features tranquil cottages, a breathtaking view of the water, and a tranquil atmosphere. With a variety of water activities and a tranquil atmosphere, this location is ideal for relaxation and coastal excursions.

Guest Review: “It was a beautiful experience for my family. Plenty fun activities, nice and safe swimming pool, clean ocean breeze. The food Ha! 👌 excellent!. The staff were all polite, pleasant, and patient. Isabella was sweet my sons loved her. Uncle Godwin, thank you for building their art spirit. Elizabeth was great in follow up from booking to departure period. Great staff all of them down to the utility staff. We’ll done to management of Jara resort and keep the good work 👏” — Titty Omo

5. Mövenpick Hotel Ikoyi Lagos (4.5/5)

The luxurious Mövenpick Hotel Ikoyi Lagos is located in the centre of Lagos, Nigeria. It offers a sophisticated and luxurious experience with its opulent rooms, gourmet culinary options, and high-end amenities. Its central location makes it advantageous for business and leisure travellers to explore, relax and just have a good time.

Guest Review: “Marvellous. It’s as good as it comes. Though we didn’t lodge during my visit, where we spent much time at the lobby and then had their buffet for our dinner. The place felt so warm that leaving was a bit difficult. Amazing and super helpful staff, the food was also very nice for our healthy dinner. Even up till 11pm, we were still enjoying their meals, which is not too pricey.” — Adesola Orisamoluwa

6. Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort (4.4/5)

Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort in Ikoyi is a top option for those in search of relaxation and rejuvenation. Their renowned spa and wellness facilities offer visitors a tranquil escape from city life.

Guest Review: “with maximal proficiency, courtsey, and professionalism. I had one hour, each deep tissue 💆🏾‍♀️ massage and facials(my masseuse was a lady named miran or mira), and i got value for my money. Calm music and great aesthetics, I must say. The apparel, towels, and environment were clean and well scented.I totally recommend this spa to all members of the public. I hope to try out the hotel accommodation and restaurant someday.” — Oru Tryphy

7. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort (4.2/5)

The La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort transports you to a tropical paradise just a short journey from Lagos. This eco-friendly resort features pristine beaches, cultural activities, and quaint cottages, making it an ideal city escape.

Guest Review: “This is the best resort to enjoy your vacation…. far away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos…. situated between the Atlantic ocean and a mangrove… We thoroughly enjoyed our stay… La Campagne is truly Africa Nature Resort.. The staff were always motivated to help us. The food was excellent, the chef ensured that our pallet needs were met. The Chalets ambience was lovely & very serene. We look forward to coming back.” — Ariwoola Olanrewaju

8. Federal Palace Hotel and Casino (4.0/5)

Federal Palace Hotel & Casino satisfies your desire for luxury and entertainment. It is located in the centre of Victoria Island and features a casino, spa, and restaurants of the highest calibre.

Guest Review: “When it comes to the oldest luxurious water side hotels in the country, this ranks one of the top 5, it’s well maintained as I have heard of it since I was a boy, and it still marvels many when they go there. The waterfront garden is a beautiful scenery, the sense of security as it is close to an army barracks, the staff are courteous and there is ample parking space. This is a pure and sincere five star for me!” — Akande Emmanuel

9. Inagbe Grand Resorts & Leisure (4.0/5) 

Inagbe Grand Resorts & Leisure is a tranquil sanctuary on Inagbe Island that is accessible by boat. Enjoy breathtaking vistas, lush gardens, and a variety of water activities at this location.

Guest Review: “The location is so beautiful. So amazing holiday site. Their services are as good as the look of the place. Rooms are just a wow effect. I’ll definitely come again.” — Zheh Roger

10. Whispering Palms Resort (3.8/5) 

Whispering Palms Resort in Badagry is a family-friendly destination with rustic appeal. It provides a taste of Nigeria’s cultural heritage in addition to gorgeous gardens and tranquil lagoon views.

Guest Review: “Cool neat environment. Good for relaxation. Cool neat environment. Good for relaxation.

Learn more history about Nigeria.” — Ewulotan Ayodeji

The hustle and bustle in Lagos  can at times be overwhelming. Fortunately, these top-rated resorts offer an oasis of tranquility and opulence, providing the ideal counterpoint to the city’s commotion. So whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation or a solo retreat, these beautiful sites would give you the luxurious relaxation you yearn for. 

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