#BelieveItOrNot: 7 wackiest reasons why lovers dump their partners

by Nicole Weaver


Turns out surprising your man by altering your looks can backfire.


Dating isn’t easy. Chances are, you have to casually date a bunch of people before settling on one that you think has the most potential. However, in the beginning stages of getting to know someone things can change rather quickly. Maybe he shows a disgusting habit at the dinner table and you can’t get over it. Perhaps she says something extreme that makes you pause and then run for the hills.

Well, these men and women have been in these very situations and decided to tell us about strange reasons they lost interest in someone they were seeing. Are they just being picky or are they being reasonable? That’s for you to decide.

1. I Couldn’t Get Over Her Terrible Taste In Clothes.

You may stop and ask “well, didn’t he notice her style before he asked her out?” Turns out, this guy didn’t notice her unfortunate taste until she started complimenting him on his clothes.
“One time I dumped a girl because she liked the ugliest clothes I owned … It just turned me off that she thought ugly stuff was attractive and overtime it kinda annoyed the sh*t out of me. So she had to go,” Sami B., 25

2. She Abbreviated.

Call them old fashioned but some men just prefer accurate grammar.

“One time I dumped a girl because she used u instead of you, r instead of are, and 2 instead of too,” Paul D., 23

3. She Didn’t Drink Water.

Sorry ladies, this guy will not overlook your soda addiction.

“I broke up with a girl because she said she didn’t like water. How are you not going to like water when your body is make up 70% of water? It’s like saying you don’t like air and you sit there holding your breath because you don’t like air,” Michael G., 22

4. He Had Gross Fingernails

It’s official. Bad fingernails are breakup-worthy.

“I used to like this guy a lot. Like for a long time. And then when I got to know him and get close to him I found out that he never clipped his toenails or fingernails. Like ever. They were like long daggers on his feet in the summer time. Sex appeal? Gone.” Chrystle A., 27

“I lost interest in a guy because his fingernails were gross. He had dirt under his fingernails and I was like, ‘no that’s gross!’ Same with toe nails.” Morgan N., 20

5. She Cut Her Hair

Turns out surprising your man by altering your looks can backfire.

“I knew this guy that left his girlfriend cause she got her hair cut and surprised him but he didn’t like it and left,” Sieda S., 21

6. He Wouldn’t Cut His Hair

“I never gave this guy a chance because he had long hair and I didn’t like it,” Sara S., 22 “I had an ex who had long hair and he ruined it for me.”

7. She Said I Liked Animals More Than I Liked Her

Something tells me this is more about her insecurity than his love for animals …

“I dated a girl I really liked a lot for about a good two months. But I can tell increasingly as time went by that she would act weird towards me whenever I was around animals. Finally, one night she texted me and broke up with me because she felt I showed too much attention to them instead of her … he said she was jealous of animals and did not like them! The irony is that I found out a year ago that she’s currently in school to become a veterinarian!” Chris R., 26


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