Betrayal in the Big Brother Naija House: Pharmsavi Opens Up About Eloswag

The Big Brother Naija Season 7 Reunion show has brought to light the deep feelings of betrayal and disappointment experienced by former housemate, Pharmsavi, towards his once-close friend, Eloswag.

Pharmsavi, whose real name is Saviour Ikin Akpan, revealed during the show how he felt betrayed when Eloswag, who was the Head of House at the time, nominated him for eviction.

Pharmsavi’s friendship with Eloswag had appeared strong during their time in the Level Up house. They shared laughter, conversations, and formed a bond that seemed unbreakable. However, everything changed when Eloswag won the coveted title of Head of House.

Expecting support and loyalty from his friend, Pharmsavi was shocked and hurt when he discovered that Eloswag had nominated him for possible eviction. This betrayal left Pharmsavi feeling deceived and questioning the authenticity of their friendship.

During the reunion show, Pharmsavi expressed his disappointment, stating, “Eloswag and I were very close during lockdown, but when he won Head of House, I was so happy & I congratulated him. I was shocked to have my name nominated for eviction, and he is my guy. I felt betrayed.”

The impact of this betrayal was not limited to Pharmsavi alone. It also affected Eloswag, who admitted to feeling remorseful after the nomination night, even shedding tears over the situation. Eloswag’s mother even reached out to Pharmsavi in an attempt to reconcile the two friends.

However, Pharmsavi’s response to Eloswag’s mother’s reconciliation efforts was unexpected. He revealed that he told her that her son could poison him, indicating the depth of his hurt and mistrust towards Eloswag.

The revelation of this betrayal and the subsequent fallout between Pharmsavi and Eloswag highlights the complexities of relationships formed within the high-pressure environment of reality television. It serves as a reminder that even the closest bonds can be shattered by unexpected actions and decisions.

As fans reflect on the events that unfolded in the Big Brother Naija Level Up house, they empathize with Pharmsavi’s feelings of betrayal and understand the impact it had on their friendship. The reunion show has provided a platform for these emotions to be aired, allowing both housemates to express their perspectives and potentially find closure.

Only time will tell if Pharmsavi and Eloswag can mend their broken friendship and rebuild the trust that was lost. In the world of reality TV, where alliances are formed and tested, it is a reminder that true loyalty and friendship are not always guaranteed.

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