Big Brother StarGame Daily Di-gist #13: Did they or didn’t they have sex?

by Denike & Ifedayo

Well, Saturday was a cozy one in Downville as the housemates spent a better part of the morning cuddling. A new couple has been noticed, Seydou and Talia! They have been spending a lot of time together recently and even shared a bed and woke up late, enjoying each others’ arms. Hehehe.

We now know the next Upville HOH is; it’s Ghana’s DKB, who made it after winning the head of household task.

Can you hear Yadel screaming “we did nothing”?!!! (LOL) Rumours have been swirling that Alex and Yadel had sex, and Yadel is trying to make it stick that nothing happend. But they have been bed mates since day one, no wonder.

And I must confess, I share the same thought with Alex – no one can really be real in the house with all the cameras and people watching.

It was lunch time in Upville and they all looked snazzy! Our very own Goldie was in a leopard-print jumpsuit with leopard print eyes to match. And Lady May, being the cook didn’t really dress up. We all know she’s not regular anyway, so no harm, no foul. She cleans the house in her pink heels, so, really.

And yes, I must say, there is peace and harmony in Upville. I guess Prezzo’s and DKB’s punishment put them both in check.

Goldie spent her afternoon glued to Prezzo’s side. This two seem to falling o! Even Roki tried to converse with them. But met with no success, he decided to “free” the lovebirds. There still is the question on whether or not he is a married man.

The guys in Downville decided to make dinner for the ladies, of their own initiative. Lucky girls. With so much time on their hands, they decided to go through their suitcases and look for sexy outfits for the party.

Talk about ‘Lover’s Tiff: part 2’! Keitta and Mildred, the only BBA official couple had their first fight in the house last night. Mildred says Keitta is insecure. Kyle boldly said he would sleep with Mildred if Keitta weren’t in the house. Now, now Kyle,  why would you say something like that! To make things worse things, Keitta and the other guys sat and were discussing Mildred’s ex-boyfriend; she didn’t find it funny at all. She threw insults at all of them, including Keitta who later apologised!

Finally, last night’s party was fun, fun, fun and hella sober. And I’m loving the Arabian theme too! Thanks to the n0-alcohol policy, they were sober and a lot calmer than they were last week!

Week two is almost done. What happens tomorrow?

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