Blaise Aboh: My eulogy to mama (30 Days, 30 Voices)

by Blaise Aboh


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Dear Mama,

I wish you were near mama

I miss you dearly

Oh! I just cannot bear it


My heart stops when your face comes to mind

Same heart skips for you, mama, you’re so fine

Who can I compare you with? No one!

Oh mama! To me you’re everything


I love you but it’s not enough

I’m grateful but still it’s not enough

I always want to have thoughts of you

Every day, I want to celebrate you


I haven’t got a kid or a wife

You are all I live for, my life

My steps, my courage

My biceps, my homepage


You are my sight, my smell

My sun, so bright as well

My garlic, my manna

My ginger, my water

My path, my guide

You pray for me all day, all night


My breath, my health

My strength, my wealth

My abs, my gusto

When you smile, who is Marilyn Monroe?


To describe you, words are insufficient

I swear mama, you’re hyper-efficient

If you were a girl, only you na girls

But you’re a woman, mama, only you na women, yes!


You’re my oasis in the Sahara desert

My parenthesis, my platinum bracelet

My tinker, my tailor

My soldier, my spy

My thinker, my hero

My shoulder, with you I climb high


My raindrops, my nature

My shield, my sword

My teardrops, my aperture

My first wonder of the world


Should I be grateful for only the 9months in your womb? Nay

‘Cos mama, in that same dome you carry me till this day

What would I have been, if not for you?

Would I be tall, dark, handsome if you weren’t black and beautiful?


Your heart, Oh! It’s like a gold bullion

You’re my one, my two, and my ten trillion

A bee can never be as busy as you mama

A Persian blade could never be as sharp as you mama


Not even honey could be as sweet, I swear it

For your heart beat is like music to my ears, when I hear it

Dear Mama, words can never be enough, but I hail!

I shall keep speaking of your goodness in songs and in tales


Blaise Aboh is a Business/Startup Enthusiast, Creative Director and User Interphase Architect. His interests include Art, Poetry and Research Based Writing. Blaise is also the founder of [Nigeria’s Best Business/Entrepreneurial Blog 2013]. He tweets from @AimLEGEND_

30 Days, 30 Voices series is an opportunity for young Nigerians from across the world to share their stories and experiences – creating a meeting point where our common humanity is explored.

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