Blecyn George: Timi’s cruel set-up …Episode 3 (Y! Fiction)

by Blecyn George

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Episode 3

Timi just arrived camp at an un-ideal time, due to his delayed flight.

“If onlyI knew I was to arrive at such a time, I would have used a businstead… argh…” he thought to himself as he glance at his wrist watch, with his backpack still on his back and other luggage beside him, he stand akimbo with his face lifted up.

A beam of light from the security post settles on his face, he looks knackered and weary but one can see the exciting curiosity written all over him. He is curious at what awaits him at the other side of the gate. Right now Timi Horsefall is neither thinking of where to sleep, who to live with or how to go about in Abuja after three weeks camp or even the chicks he will fish/beef, but solely thinking of how to get settled and maybe get an hour or two hours sleep before dawn.


“Can we do it right away, I am dripping down there…” though she is great when it comes to riding a man but her pu_sy didn’t have the kind of smell Timi will die for, it wasn’t appealing enough for a good suck, Rhoda’s pu_sy does but Rhoda is such a deadwood (weak) at riding a man.


It has been two days since Timi Horsefall arrived Abuja and now he is in the most talked about camp (in Kubwa village, Federal Capital territory, Abuja) in Nigeria. Timi has seen what the camp looks like and what really goes on, he is yet to see more, he has taken selfies and had called his mother the night he arrived. Timi looks warn out already after a stressful two days in camp, going about registration for his bed space, doing photocopies, signing his registration, getting queued up for his khaki etc. Timi made two friends already while queuing up for his boot and khaki, he swapped the small boot given to him with Tosin’s big boot. Tosin is pretty chubby big girl who happens not to be Timi’s spec but, she is friendly enough for both to be friends with no string attached. His eyes are still on the lookout for classy, pretty well connected, slim shabby chicks but he will rather not be the one going for them, he believes in fate and in his looks but then, Timi saw some guys who he couldn’t help but admire. So he is a beat sceptical on if or not he will be noticed. Of course he will be notice, other guys got their eyes on his looks, one or two already have him in mind to contest for Mr. Macho and yes any girl who walk pass him turns to look or if with friends, they get whisper something about him. He lost his confident for some minutes, he feels alone and it’s a beat freaking for him. Samuel should’ve been his paddy at the moment but owing to the fact that Samuel has disappointed him, Samuel is the last person Timi wishes to see in camp but he can’t escape that.

Hey you, what are you up to?”  that was Tosin to Timi, Timi is standing next to Alihu who is pricing some stuffs at the maami market, Alihu is Timi’s hostel mate, as handsome as Alihu looks he couldn’t help but admire Timi and both got talking and here they are, going about camp together. Timi, Tosin and Alihu walk to a washing stand, Timi hands some clothes to a guy standing next to a washing machine, he pays him some money and then the three strolls out, still looking around. Timi excuses himself;

“Tosin, Alihu, please excuse me I need to ease myself” he walks away from them into a more confide bushy place, as he approaches he could hear some funny moans, this prompt him to walk closer towards the direction of the noise. Timi felt someone was being raped or something, he takes a quick glance at his wristwatch it was 7:30pm. He looks around, ignores the sound, bring out his penis to titrate (urinate) another hard seductive and more confusing moan hit his ear (you are right, deeper, no, yes, there, no, in, no yes, oh you got me….,a Female voice continue from the distance) ; he quickly shakes off the drops of urine from his manhood and walk towards the sound.

Timi is surprise at what he is seeing, at 7:30pm, it is barely dark and beside one can still see another. Timi turns his eyes away on seeing a couple who are in the most stylish, crazy, out of place 69 position Timi have ever seen, they didn’t even notice him, that is how much they were enjoying the moment.

“Let me guess, this are couple from school,and while at home, they didn’t have time to meet each other and so they couldn’t waitto have this moment, yea?” he thought to himself, clearing his throat, the two love birds let loose. Timi could be a handsome spoiled brat but he got some discipline and conventional rules he feels one shouldn’t defy, to him this was really dirty and uncalled for but well that is his business, they already had their fun and he brought his bad luck along to spoil it. Let’s see how far Timi will go on camp without bending his rules. The juice from the lady’s pussy still covers her partner’s lips forming an irregular circle, he must be a bad sucker (lol), she dresses herself up properly and walks away while her man tries to shake Timi after buckling up…

“No man, not that hand”… you two couldn’t wait a day I guess” the guy ignores Timi and walks away…

“what if you were caught?”

“we would have been dismissed or expelled, whatsoever the guy utters from a distance…

“next time tell your lady to lower her volume”

Tosin and Alihu are already worried sick, it has been almost 10minutes since Timi excused both for him to ease himself, both are walking towards Timi while Timi’s eyes are fixed on his phone…

“what happened man, what kept you?”  Aluhi speaks in his slight hausa intonation

“oh sorry, you won’t believe what I just saw”?

“Nothing is new, so I am sure it’s nothing too serious” Tosin says

It is barely dark, you mean two people having sex outside by this time ain’t new?”

Aluhi “yes it is not new at all, people have done that before and people will do that after them”

“Oh I see” Timi reply looking a bit perturbed, wearing a confused face he continue “so it is fact people fuck anyhow they wish to in NYSC camp, but I am sure those were couple from home”

Tosin “for God sake stop acting naïve, it is like you and I meeting yesterday, let say we had interest in each other, today we are fucking, someone sees us and assume we knew from home”

deadpan “Every girlfriend is at risk of a fuck, boyfriends should always have this in mind when their girlfriends are in camp” Alihu says

“except me of course” Tosin replied

“well considering your size, what do you expect”  Timi hold back laughter, while Tosin appear really furious on hearing Alihu talk about big girls in such a manner.

When will you all stop discriminating fat girls, it ain’t no crime being fat Tosin blurt angrily”, Alihu walk up to her I was only joking..,” Yes he was…” Timi speak concurring to Alihu

Tosin walk away angrily, both men runs after her, calling out her name.


Two weeks has run by and Timi have had his fair share of the beautiful chicks on camp, he had done what he wouldn’t have believe he will do, he slept with a friend and her best friend with both being fully away. This incident happened because he happened to satisfy a friend who went telling her bff and bff needed a taste. Timi regretted this act of all the things he did in the past weeks. He had no idea Aniete was in any way connected with Lulu the girl he made to climax 6times on a roll just 3 days after seeing and castigating a couple who were having their fun. If you can’t bit them join them, Timi couldn’t beat the crazy of craziest things he saw on camp so he had to somehow join in, beside he already planned this out for himself.

Rhoda is that one girl who doesn’t want to forget and let go of the greatness of Timi’s d_ck, she was like a camp house wife, she buys everything that Timi needed, which is one thing Timi hates, no matter what he will rather buy stuffs for his womanthan have his woman buy things for him, this is Timi’s turn off when it comes Rhoda, he feels she always want to be the man. But she is a neat girl, her pu_sy juice has the best scent Timi have ever come across, it is crazy how Timi will slide his forefinger into her pu_sy and keep sniffing for hours before washing his hand. On this camp it is like Ebola story and fact is not in Nigeria, nobody really cares, everyone wanted what they wanted at all course. Timi describes Rhodo’s pu_sy as succulent, easy breezy and welcoming to all his sense organ. Since most girls are guilty of lying about their orgasm Timi is not sure if he is the first to make Rhoda cum like she has said the first day theyhad sex.

Timi is a bit out of control, he is not focus on any girl and he hasn’t open up about his greatest fear to anyone. Lots of girls have wrong eyes on him and for those who he already disappointed. They wish they never met him or had anything to do with him. Aniete and Rhoda are rivals because of him and it has been crazy in the past 5-7days for both girls. Both have someone snooping on Timi since neither of them will give up for the other.


Tosin wave Timi and Aniete goodbye and dash away, Aniete quickly grab Timi’s ball in the partially-lit place where they are standing

Aww..” Timi grunts

“Can we do it right away, I am dripping down there…” though she is great when it comes to riding a man but her pu_sy didn’t have the kind of smell Timi will die for, it wasn’t appealing enough for a good suck, Rhoda’s pu_sy does but Rhoda is such a deadwood (weak) at riding a man. Aniete can fit into any situation at any moment, she knows what position and style to ride with at the moment. After giving Aniete a head the first time, he vowed never to but he makes sure he f_cks her to the peak of her satisfaction, (either with his middle, forefinger and thumb or with his well-shaped, curvy 8 inches d_ck). He doesn’t just have a big d_ck but he could make good use of his entitlement. Timi and Aniete finds themselves in a lonely quite corner of the camp, soon Timi is riding her like a bitch she really is, she loves fucking and she enjoys it when Timi is the one f_cking her, she has about three other guys on camp who she tags as FWB (friends with benefit) but Timi was that special one. And she was ready to do anything to keep Timi glued to her, she already had one or two incidents where Rhodo confronted her but she didn’t give a damn, she was ready to put up a fightover and over again for Timi…

Timi’s greatest challenge is that every lady who come across him wants him and he also want them in turn, this makes him less focus on what lies ahead of him. He is driven by the moment forgetting the moments to come.

You told me you had nothing to do with that dirty slutty akwa ibom girl, but guess what, I had someone followed you and I was told you still fuck her…” angry Rhoda blurt as she is near tears… Timi maintains silent while Rhoda pour out her anger…

I am sorry, that was a mistake…” Timi says

Sorry, same sorry you said weeks back and days back, if you can continue this way while we are still on camp how about when we leave… God you are disgusting and unfocused…” she says and walk out on Timi

Rhoda please come back let me explain, please…” Rhoda ignores him still and walk into the distance….


It’s just a day left before passing out parade, and yet Timi has not a place to stay, Rhoda who he had hopes on broke up with himalready, Tosin told him she was redeploying to Lagos while Alihu was redeploying to Kwara state. All others he met were either just flings or a hello hi kind of relationship. He has just Aniete now to turn to, somehow his pride won’t let him open up to her.

Aniete, where will you be staying after camp? Timi to Aniete

Aniete flips her head as if confuse, looks at Timi for a while, then speak “I will be leaving for akwa ibom, maybe stay for one or two weeks then I will be back to…

Back to where? Timi askcuriously?

Back to my man friend’s house, his family stays abroad…

Shock is written all over Timi’s face…

Why are you looking at me like that, have I said something out of the ordinary?…Dramatically she continue “ All these girls here you think they came to Abuja for nysc ba, I bet you too the boys are here for something different from serving and you“…wagging her forefinger at him “why did you choose Abuja… this is one question Timi doesn’t have a clear answer to, all the reasons he thought he had are nothing different from what Aniete just mentioned, “dey there make pant dey wear you…. Ehen where will you be staying… Aniete continue as she search Timi’s face for answers

Confused Timi stutters “errrm…me?

Yes you” Aniete replies…

Well, I was hoping I …. Aniete’s phone rings

Excuse me, Aniete walks away. Timi is dazed, looking into the distance lost in thought

The best I can do right now is to find a place of assignment as soon as I leave here tomorrow, who knows, I might be lucky to get a place where they will provide accommodation… I am sure mother is expecting me to come back and that is one thing I don’t want to do. Timi you can do this, this is just a phase and it will come and go… they say the more challenge you conquer the better your chances of making it big… Timi thought to himself…. Timi’s phone beeps, a text from Rhoda just graced his phone.

Please warn Aniete, tell her not to threaten me again, if she dares to one more time, you will be the one to pay dearly for it. Warn her, warn her, for your information I have longed put you behind me. You are just one fine boy with no common sense…

Timi could hardly understand what he has gotten himself into, he is perturbed, jerks up,  running towards Aniete…


To be continued…




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  1. So why de f*ck did u read it! Criticize 4 all u care, its allowed!

  2. WTF is this????? Like ynaija, soooo poorly written, no editting. For f*cks sakes it isn’t even proper erotica

    1. So why de f*ck did u read it dear HIAN! Criticism is always allowed though!

  3. I really enjoyed this article and I must say that you really did a good job blecyn.keep the good work up

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