Opinion: Chaos, Coitus and a new challenge


Chaos! True entropy, randomness…

That’s the way we’ve come to thrive, somehow it seems that while we stay within the borders of this gloriously enriched piece of land mother earth has so graciously gifted us, we remain ever so slightly or in some cases greatly allergic to order. Disorder and chaos calls to us like a mother to her infant, we maintain a flagrant disrespect for any and every possible rule. Our leaders thriving on our ability to adapt regardless of the strain they put on the very fabric of our nationhood. Regardless of how long they tug on the threads that define our existence and unify our ideals… We thrive! Enjoying mother nature’s gift of sex as we indulge in the beauty of coitus, freely reproducing, continuing to propagate our species. We carry on like our eyes are closed to the constraints placed upon us by degrading institutions, we carry on eyes dimmed with frustration, dopamine and endorphin induced ecstasy serving as our only true release in the midst of our stagnancy, pregnant women litter our streets carrying within them seeds implanted in fleeing moments of pleasure – the future of our nation.

Our adaptability remains our blessing and our curse, the resilience of our spirit keeping us afloat and dooming us to remain in our endless circle of chaos. As we purchase clothes designed by men and women who donate funds to help print paper that we use to record the birth of our children, the privileged among us blissfully enjoy vacations in lands were the tales of our underdevelopment and chaotic existence are a basis for extensive statistical analysis and deliberation among men and women of high intellect. Somehow, we fail to effectively transplant the knowledge we receive from these great nations where order thrives and chaos in the conduct of daily life is a thing of the past. We still find it difficult to yield the right of way in traffic or wait for pedestrians crossing, please, sorry and thank you refuse to find a permanent place in our vocabulary, rules still seem like a mere suggestion which we can casually disregard. Our ability for passive acceptance, our comfort with laying on our backs and freely accepting the seeds of bedlam remains somewhat unique.

Our adaptability needs to begin to work in our favor. We need to embrace a new tide of change as our nation grows in youth and vitality, we need to become active participants in a new love affair with progress. It’s time to caress the chest of development, sit on the laps of transparency and feel its warmth rise from within. We need to resiliently turn on the charm and court the love of institutional efficiency. This is the foreplay, as we begin to share ideas that stir up the waters of revolution, we need to ready ourselves to receive the seed of transformation as we give way to young blood and enjoy the deep passionate drive to satisfy, the aim to please. We need to yell in encouragement as our voice begins to matter, our cry for more becomes a driving force that pushes our teeming population of young people to take the helm and ride this new wave. It’s about each and every one of us engaging with our communities and breeding new innovative ideas.

“Humanity is experiencing an extraordinary burst of evolutionary change, driven by good old-fashioned Darwinian natural selection. But it is selection among ideas, not among genes” – Matt Ridley

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I’m Glory Oreoluwa Apantaku, born and raised in Lagos, an introvert, avid reader (in training) and lover of all things Helen Mirren and Dame Judi Dench. I truly enjoy writing as a release and medium for sharing ideas. Very few things feel better than seeing ideas and opinions masterfully outlined on a page, one of them is the thrill of flight and new cities with their unique architecture and cuisine. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a keen interest in behavioral and institutional economics. In my opinion, Adele and Asa are priceless gifts to our generation and Sound of Music is the best piece of musical theatre ever!

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