Church Crawler: My weakness and the strength of Daystar Christian Centre

I woke up really weak on Sunday morning and could hardly move myself out of bed. I could hardly decipher the reason for the weakness but there I was on the bed on a Sunday morning.

At some point, I feared it was the fervent prayers of the Church I had planned to visit that morning that availed much. LOL. On another thought, I knew God doesn’t do evil hence, that couldn’t have been the reason. Whatever was the cause of this Sunday morning disease, I had a decision to make and sleeping all day wasn’t one of them. In a minute or two, I came up with a decision and it was a beautiful one.

Let me digress a bit, A few days ago, The Church Blog published a post on digital media and our role in tapping into its endless possibilities in moving the church forward. Whilst most modern Nigerian churches have tapped into this and are moving the church forward with the media, others have chosen to stay back and criticise them. That’s not the point of this Church crawler episode so if you were thinking that I was gonna preach another sermon on how the church should have come to my aid when I was sick, you’re on the wrong track.

I took my mobile phone and thankfully, my fully charged power bank. By the way, number one survival kit for anyone who spends a lot of time on mobile is a power bank and a strong one at that. Back to Church Crawler. If I was probably a pastor, I’d be the type who would say, in conclusion and wouldn’t conclude even 20 minutes later because of my constant digression. Back to church now.

I logged on to Facebook and in a minute or two I was logged on to Daystar Christian Centre’s second service livestream but, there was one challenge – terrible network. What didn’t I try? I opened the windows, refreshed my phone, restarted the phone, switched Sim cards. None worked.

Time was already far spent and even if I could get a good network, I couldn’t join in the second service again [Shaking my head for all our network service providers]. Time for fourth service in Daystar Christian Centre is 12:15, so I decided I was going to join in the fourth service, come rain come shine. I left my room and made a long walk for network. Although long, it was fulfilling. By 12:15, I was in.

Daystar Christian Centre is one of the leading churches in the area of digital media usage and 21st century revolution. The Church led by Pastor Sam and Nike Adeyemi has a track record of excellence and although it wasn’t my first time of attending the church, logging in was really refreshing.

Praise and worship was on point. As the worship leader sang You are my strength by Williams Murphy, I practically felt God talking to me through that song. The Holy Spirit is truly limitless. If He could heal, deliver and save through the Hallelujah Challenge live broadcast, he could also minister to me through the song minister even when I wasn’t physically present.

By the time the worship had ended, a pastor had taken over and led us into a session of prayers for Nigeria. I particularly loved the seamless transition and flow between the different programmes.

By the way, the number of viewers on the Facebook live broadcast had also increased. One man particularly stated that he was watching live from Paris. That was impressive. Providing a platform for viewers all over the world is a really commendable move from Daystar Christian Centre.

I couldn’t wait for the word. Pastor Sam is widely known for his in-depth knowledge of the word. The message was on talents, discovering and maximising it. I just wished he wouldn’t finish. How he takes his audience through a journey into the word of God leaves one asking for more. By the time he was done, he announced the ministration of what he tagged the “best choir in the world”. I might have an issue with this cliche statement but it seemed this was true. The Healing Streams on God, [Daystar’s choir] can compete on a global stage with other top music groups from all over the world. The ministration was out of this world.

In a bit, service had ended. Short, Precise, on point and excellent. By the time, i was done, i felt a bit better.

Who says you always need to be physically present to be blessed?

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