Man carves satanic sign on son to mark 12/12/12, calling it a “holy day” (PICTURED)

A demented Texas dad “celebrated” 12/12 on Wednesday by carving a pentagram into his 6-year-old son and then splashing the boy’s blood on the front door of their home, cops said.

“I shed some innocent blood,” Brent Troy Bartel, 39, told a police dispatcher, local TV station reported.

“I inscribed a pentagram on my son,” he said.

When the dispatcher asked why, Bartel said, “Because it’s a holy day.”

At the same time, Bartel’s wife was at a neighbor’s home, telling police that he was attacking their son.

When cops arrived at the suburban Fort Worth home, they found the boy shirtless and shivering in a pair of pajama pants.

A large pentagram — the five-pointed star often associated with satanism or the occult — was carved into his back, and his blood was smeared on the front door.

The boy was taken to Cooks Children’s Hospital, while Bartel was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a family member. He was being held on $50,000 bond.

Police believed he carved up the boy with a box cutter found at the scene.

They aren’t sure why he did it.

“This is something you normally hear about in the movies, not something you expect to see,” Richland Hills police Sgt. Nathan Stringer told the station.

The boy’s wounds weren’t very deep, and he was released to his mother later Wednesday. Child protective services was investigating the case.

Police said Bartel and his wife have fought before, but they had never received any reports of child abuse.

“It breaks your heart, because I didn’t know he was capable of doing that,” neighbor Joyce Pierce told WFAA-TV.

“We will be praying for all of them because we don’t know what went wrong.”
NY Daily News

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  1. This story is absolutely tragic. My heart goes out to this little boy.

    I would like to point something out, though. The pentagram, in and of itself, is NOT a Satanic symbol. The pentagram has been used throughout the centuries in many different religions. It was a symbol of truth and represented the five books of the Pentateuch for the Hebrews, represented the five wounds of Christ for the early Christians, and is still used to this day on LDS temples. It is associated with Wicca and other neo-pagan religions, but many of these religions do not recognize the existence of "Satan". There is a specific pentagram used in Satanism called the Sigil of Baphomet which depicts a goat head inside of an inverted pentagram.

    Please don't lump us all together. We're not all Satan-worshipers. (And we're not all crazy, either.)

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