Cubana Chief Priest is latest Instagram celebrity to be arrested on allegations of fraud

With recent developments, it would seem like there is a stigma surrounding wealthy young men in Nigeria.

This stigma is enabled by a ‘culture of fraud’ in the country and any affluent person who is below 40 becomes an immediate suspect; if not in the eyes of the law but at least in the minds of spectators. But can we really say this suspicion is unfounded?

With a ‘culture of fraud’ dating back to decades and as many may say, absence of ratings by organisations like Forbes that takes it as a point of duty to research and publicly declare assets of the wealthy with details of its origin, Nigerians have no reason not to be suspicious. And while we can say the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) serves this purpose to an extent, its a different ball game as it is saddled with law enforcement (financial crimes), rather than accounting for how individuals became rich.

Even the Nigerian Police has a history of justifying unwarranted arrests and harassment on a mere hunch. Therefore, with no way of knowing who is who, everyone just does whatever. Perhaps this explains why the Inspector-General of Police Monitoring Unit in Lagos arrested celebrity barman; Cubana Chief priest stating:

“We have detained Cubana Chief Priest and he is facing interrogation for misuse of Police personnel as well as the illegal use of a weapon, and his extravagant and unexplained lifestyle.”

While ‘misuse of Police personnel as well as the illegal use of a weapon,’ are associated with criminal offences, extravagant and unexplained lifestyle doesn’t sound like a concrete reason to detain and individual, and if all it takes is for Cubana to explain his wealth to be free, then that seems like a simple enough solution in our books.

As we wait to see how it all unfolds, here’s how people have reacted to the news:


It seems Nigerians are having fun with the trend. We keep fingers crossed.


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