#DanaCrashReport: Tracking the money that was donated to the cause

by Seunfakze


3rd June, 2012 was a black Sunday for Nigeria. On that day, a commercial flight belonging to Dana Airline had crashed in Lagos into a building and its parts into four adjoining ones; killing all on board and other families on the ground. The nation was thrown into great mourning. This had been one of the most vivid and unfortunate air mishap in a while. Almost everyone had someone involved in the crash, or a family friend or friend of a friend.

On Monday, 5th June, 2012; notably Seun Fakuade (@seunfakze) and Kathleen Ndogmo (@kathleenndongmo), used social media platform Twitter to launch, then an immediate and initial relief material response call across the nation calling for friends and loved ones not only to mourn and eulogize those who had departed but help those different families who had been displaced by the crash with material (non-cash) donations.  The Plan was simple: use distress calls to help gather relief materials in the country. These generated many responses with loving friends helping the effort by tweeting and retweeting critical information that proved to be significant to the success of the effort.

The relief collation was given a timeline frame of 4 weeks to ensure collation, stock taking (inventory of materials) and ultimate distribution. This was divided in 2 week phases of Collation and Distribution. Twitter was ultimately used to kick start and sustain this relief effort, while Broadcasts via Blackberry helped served its purpose too. Volunteers sprung across Nigeria with LAGOS- @babatundejnr, @teni_beauty2, @shecrownlita (then in Nigeria), @kathleenndongmo, @wildeji,  @realebony, @nisots @dupekila; KADUNA (whispringice), BENIN CITY (@thisiseseosa), ABUJA (@seunfakze @4yusuf, @abangmercy, @peckyugo), ILE-IFE (zebbook), IBADAN (@gboukzi) and very many others who would have preferred to remain anonymous but whose efforts cannot be overlooked as critical to the continued success of this effort including @kwamiadadevoh, @mrsleevesup, @omojuwa, @dupekilla, @jodusolu amongst many silent heavyweights.

Given the urgency of the case, other daring and loving people came on board beyond Nigeria, in the UK with @topeolowu and @forumeditor (non-Nigerian) noticeably helping to spearhead the drive from the onset. Others include @olaoluwakite, @abdullahiaborode, @shecrownlita (who then was in Nigeria and who played a significant role while in Nigeria), @Zaraliscious, amongst many innumerous helpers.

Typical of Nigerians, many expressed doubts and cynical venomous responses trailed our collective effort to the Dana Crash relief collation. Notwithstanding, materials came in from Lagos and beyond. We took much consignment of goods and relief materials and was provided a storehouse at the RISE place. A temporary shelter  home was temporarily rented around the suburban of Ogba, where our unyielding volunteer effort produced partitioned makeshift flats to house the families of 5 (at first) then 15 altogether.

We owe to @wildeji, @shecrownlita, @babatundejnr, @teni_beauty2 the gratitude and appreciation of making the daring and visionary effort of the Shelter which till date houses these Internally Displaced People (IDPs).

The inventory of the materials began in earnest and the first batch of relief efforts went out in a week in food items, mattresses, fans, a generator donated and fueled by Jubaili Bros. We had many helpful bailouts along the way which helped speed track the effort material collation across Nigeria. For instance, Abuja collation material had ABC Transport provided us with a N6,000 rebate after we had explained to the Manger of the intent of the goods. Thus the initial N18,000 became N12,000. The N12,000 was paid from the N2,000 that was provided by one of the volunteers (@ofastupidwoman from Clothes4Love) and the N10,000 from the N100,000 provided by a loving Nigerian. In all, N102,000 was provided from Abuja and details of the spending:

N12,000 for transport of goods through ABC with @4yusuf, @seunfakze and @abangmercy as witnesses

N4,000 sent to @whisperingice so as to send the Kaduna goods

N16,000 to clear UK goods at the airport; witnesses are @seunfakze and @teni_beauty2

N1,000 for transport to store; witnesses are @seunfakze and @teni_beauty2

N6,000 for transport of distributed relief materials to Shelter place for IDPs witnessed by @seunfakze, @wildeji, @realebony

These sum gives a total of N39,000 spent altogether leaving a balance of N63,000.



Huge relief materials were transported from the store to the Shelter and first set of relief materials have been given to 9 present families out of the 15 families (IDP). Attached are pictures (and videos forthcoming) which we hope you will find time to go through, detailing the processes of signing and with family members. The other 6 families would also get the first set of the relief materials when they present themselves during this week.  Let it be clear that accommodation at this shelter were paid by some of the generous Nigerians and were handled with the landlord directly without interference. This accommodation will lapse on 15th July, and these IDPs will be forced to the street if we fail to provide an alternative for them. We hope to solve their accommodation as soon as we are able to



From the onset, we vehemently refused attempts to accept monetary cash as evident in all of our tweets owing to the cynical nature of Nigerians. Notwithstanding, we embarked on cash collection having being pressured by many in the Diaspora who wanted to contribute and even here in Nigeria. Also, we felt we may have earned the trust of many through the #SaveOke project that most of us had partaken in recently. Several banks were approached given the urgency of the situation; of these three @gtbank came to our rescue; providing Pounds, Dollars and Naira currency accounts for use.

The DANACRASHACCOUNT is a PUBLIC TRUST ACCOUNT and as such, NO MEMBER of the DanaCrashAction had knowledge of the details. Let it also be clear that no one can anyone access it outside the account signatories who are notable and reputable Nigerians. Till 9am this morning, no one knew the detail of the account, nor has anyone being able to access it. Unlike the #SaveOke initiative where we had a day by day update of the account, we had no ACCESS to this account as we were not directly involved with its discharge. This is needed so as to ensure transparency and absolute accountability as well as to ensure PUBLIC TRUST is not violated. This is thus the details of the account UNTOUCHED, UNUSED, UN-ACCESSED.. (CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK) FINANCIAL ACCOUNT DANA_CRASH04Jun2012-25Jun2012


The first of the final phase of distribution began have been done  to these IDPs, the concluding parts will come these approaching weeks.

The accommodation of these IDPs will hopefully be sorted out too giving the account status and hopefully the help of others.

For the team, in Nigeria and abroad; it has been three weeks of unbelievable synergy, coordination, fast flurries of emails, calls, arguments and absolute love. Gratitude goes to YOU DONORS without which we would never have witnessed the joys on the faces of these IDPs, nor the cries, or the bond that has since existed between many unknown Twitterians.

It is not over yet; the DanaCrashAction website will launch soon featuring the collation of all the efforts, the intricate details, the list of Donors, the list of volunteers, the selfless contributions of all, the events (memorial, events, etc). We owe the effort of all concerned to make this work.

The team is proud, and we hold our head high despite the distrust from many quarters.

Thanks for YOUR unwavering support.

We made it through.

God bless you

I write as ‘Seun Fakuade

With the consent, and on behalf of the TEAM at home and abroad,

@seunfakze      @KathleenNdongmo    @BabatundeJnr     @Wildeji     @teni-beauty2      @topeolowu


1. The second report will contain details of other expenses at the shelter and other ongoing developments.

2. Attached — comprehensive listing and pictures (videos to come) of donated items to IDPs, including evidence of some payments, scanned evidence of accepted materials by IDPs, and the FULL FINANCIAL REPORT OF THE DANACRASHACTION ACCOUNT. TO VIEW THE FULL IMAGE, CLICK ON THEM. Enjoy!

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  1. How can I contribute to the next rent for the shelter, I has sent an email to beautypassions when I wanted to volunteer to assist the following week of the crash.

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