Dear Nigeria Police, has anybody reminded you what your job is lately?

Dear Nigeria Police,

Remember when seven – maybe more – scoundrels thought they could get away with syphoning NGN 24 billion of the funds meant to ensure you all enjoy comfortable lives in your retirement? We Nigerians stood by you against the ruling oppressors. This we did despite all the years of harassment and torture you’d dealt us. We did not stop speaking, raising our voices until the accused persons were charged. You know that we won’t stop until that matter is completely resolved

You know that we won’t stop until that matter is completely resolved even though we often ask ourselves why we do what we do considering the fact that you still insist on asking for bribes from road users -admittedly your approach is now often one of request and not menace.

What hurts the most is not that you have allowed our roles to switch. You should be our protectors, securing our lives and property but it’s now the other way around. We protect you and speak up for you against the ruling oppressors while you rarely do the same for us. In fact you now collude with them. Your protection belongs to the highest bidder. And you’ll quote the law to prove impossible points.

Take for example, your decision to prosecute Joachim Iroko. It’s as best laughable but you have insisted that his action was capable of inciting ethno-religious crisis. And so you are dedicating as much energy as possible to prosecuting him -for naming his dog, we should remind you – even when the Magistrate in charge does not show up at his hearing.

Even you must know that your priorities are either misplaced or you just said something to justify your ridiculous actions. Or why else would that be the basis for prosecuting yet Apostle Suleiman is still walking free?

This man has just spoken words to a group of people as large as the community in Ogun Sate where you claim to want to prevent ethno-religious crises. Or did you not hear him?

Plain and simple. Incitement to violence. Section 62(10 and (2) of the Criminal Code Act were made so that people wil not be tempted to talk in this fashion to a group of people talk less of a Sunday congregation of not less than hundreds of people.

Dear Nigeria Police, Apostle Suleiman is just an example same as the man who named his dog Buhari. They are just examples. We can go on listing the countless instances where you have either usurped the duties of other agencies for selfish and seldom legal purposes or just totally close your eyes to facts in one instance and then suddenly be so aware od similar facts in other instances. Pretty Mike and your embarrassingly unprofessional intimidation of the members of the press are just a few examples from the past couple of weeks.

It’s 2017 and we know you know fully well what is expected of you and what makes for unprofessional behaviour. But just in case you have not been reoriented or incentivised to act right lately, consider this a friendly reminder from Nigerians that we are closely monitoring you and we are not unaware of all the provisions of our laws as the affect every situation.


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