Deji Adeyanju: Dear APC, your propaganda cannot stop Obanikoro

by Deji Adeyanju


It has become very clear indeed that the APC and its leadership see Senator Obanikoro as a major threat to the Tinubu political dynasty and will do anything to tarnish his name, reputation and character.

It was Amy Goodman who said; “The media equals stenographers to power.” On his part, Gil Courtemanche noted that “Propaganda is as powerful as heroin; it surreptitiously dissolves all capacity to think.” No wonder the All Progressives Congress (APC) takes propaganda more serious than reality.

My attention has just been drawn to the fact that one of Nigeria’s national dailies, The Nation Newspaper today, 30th of July, 2014 on page 6 published a photoshopped picture of Musliu Obanikoro, the Minister of State for Defence with the sole intention of misleading the public as usual. The actual picture was published on page 49 of today’s ThisDay Newspaper. The picture is from an inspection of Apapa Road carried out by the Minister of State for Defence in Lagos yesterday. The Nation Newspaper’s deliberate act of distorting and mutilating the photograph has sparked wide condemnation and bashing already on the social media as many Lagosians and Nigerians wonder why a media platform will stoop so low and allow itself to be used by its owners who are chieftains of the APC for this kind of unprofessional and unethical practice. This is politics gone too far. This is the height of deceit, deception and politics of bitterness.

The sweeping condemnation and criticism of The Nation newspaper for what is clearly a devious attempt to subvert and distort a factual news item verified by existing images has shown that propaganda is a soft weapon which when taken too far works against the initiator. By publishing this photoshopped picture, The Nation newspaper’s reputation, which is almost in shambles, goes further down into the graveyard of partisanship and political sycophancy. Though in politics, the masses must sometimes be won by propaganda, this was a low, shameful and unpardonable indiscretion. When the editor and entire editorial board took a decision to publish a distorted, mutilated and photoshopped picture of an actual original picture of a high ranking government official as Nigeria’s Deputy Defence Minister, it is clear they were oblivious of the fact that ThisDay Newspaper will publish the real picture on the same day. In saner climes, someone would have lost their job, after issuing a public apology to the Government and the general public. Senator Obanikoro was on an official assignment in Lagos as Minister of State for Defence. Senator Obanikoro is paid with taxpayers money. So the interest of citizens like us on this matter is far from partisan. This is about professionalism of the media, integrity of the media as the watchdog of society. What The Nation Newspaper did today is a slap on all media professionals. Will the Nigerian Guild of Editors be quiet? Even if this matter is eventually swept under the carpet, will conscience, morality, integrity, posterity and history absolve The Nation newspaper?


Below are some tweets condemning The Nation Newspaper:

@RadicalYouthMan: DESPERATE ABUSE OF MEDIA: @MObanikoro Photoshopped out of a picture by The Nation Newspaper .  Tinubu is afraid


@ayosogunro: Stuff like the Nation cutting Obanikoro’s pix is what happens when issues are treated as a matter of politics, instead of policies. Sigh.


@bishopmarn: I heard that OBANIKORO is a big threat to TINUBU’s Dynasty,didn’t believe until I saw how @TheNationNews Photoshoped him outta their picture


@AbangMercy: So a news media Photoshop @MObanikoro ??? Re: last retweet . That is a low  . you can avoid using the picture.. unethical practise


@DemolaRewaju: @MrFixNigeria The question in my mind is: who is afraid of @MObanikoro??? Why photoshop him out a picture?


@CollinsUma: If Tinubu’s The Nation can go as low as removing Obanikoro from a pic of him and others then I wonder what else they’d do for politics.


@_yemia: Wow! Retract if same pic @TheNationNews RT @MrFixNigeria: This kind of journalism is sad. This should be condemned!


@azizauko: @MrFixNigeria @AbangMercy @Chude @YeleSowore It is unfortunate that a news organisation would doctor a photo before publishing it. Shameful.


@mcgboye: Terrible act by The Nation. Whither the truth? Why Photoshop Obanikoro out of a picture when his presence therein doesn’t water down story.


@CollinsUma: EPIC FAIL: The Nation’s doctored picture. Removing Obanikoro. Must they use that photo?


@blcompere: Re: @MObanikoro: From all indications, the folks at @TheNationNews will only include your photo in their newspaper if you are pro-APC.


@itimitang: @MrFixNigeria @elnathan @omojuwa @ogundamisi: Pathetic on the part of The Nation. A huge dent to their credibility.


@collinsegbo: Photoshop made in Bourdillon. @TheNationNews this is disgraceful. Someone is afraid of @MObanikoro. Petty politics…


@tolaogunnubi: @blcompere @MObanikoro I had 2 hurriedly go get the papers myself n am ashamed at d pettiness of @TheNationNews .


@sharksjuju: am realy disappointed wit the photos-hoping by @TheNationNews on p6 of @[email protected] carried the complete [email protected]


@7DLife_NG: Not done condemning Punch’s False report on Garkida Attack, now its use of Pic enhancement tools to mutilate @MObanikoro by the Nation. SMH

It has become very clear indeed that the APC and its leadership see Senator Obanikoro as a major threat to the Tinubu political dynasty and will do anything to tarnish his name, reputation and character. If the APC is this terrified of Obanikoro, what will happen when Obanikoro declares to run for Governor of Lagos State? Unknowingly to them today, they just won Senator Obanikoro another fan. ME!


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  1. Pls stop sending me ur biased online news as l cant see how u fair better than d nations newspaper. Mine u, am not a politician and neither have l ever meet Tinubu one on one except on TV /paper but a sensible Nigerian who is not gullible and refuse to be carried away by d antic of those who are mediocre. Stop saying somebody will bring someone political dynastic down as it is only God Almighty dat give power and only him can say otherwise. We d masses of Lagos knows those who are d true leader and when election time comes, we shall decide. Thanks

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