Opinion: A biblical reflection on divorce

by Gideon Odoma

Talking about divorce is a most delicate enterprise. A hush — sometimes vacuous but usually uneasy — invades the atmosphere once the word is mentioned. Yet, as Christians, we must look at the painful subject faithfully, under the governing light of scripture: with surgical care, with sensitivity, with consideration, and with all the love we are capable of. Christians must consider the topic humanely, as humans in a regrettably broken universe.

Divorce is not divine. Never has it been. Never will it be. It is an accident, an ugly fracture in the fabric of the universe. God — says scripture, and in context — “hates putting away.” God hates divorce.

With every divorce, an ancient, cosmic anarchy is re-enacted at a minimized cadre. To be clear, I am not yet talking about the parties involved. No. This introduction is not about the humans in the middle of the excruciating amputation. This is about the thing itself, the thing done, not the people who do it or experience it. God hates divorce, but He loves the people.

Something eternally reprehensible is re-echoed every time a marriage union is fractured by the cruelty that is divorce. On the the divine scale, divorce is hideous. It is a bitter reminder of that pioneer rebellion in Eden — for without the fall, there’ll be no divorce. But it is hugely more than just a reminder. It is a finite, local sample of the prodigious affront in Eden, an affront that led to the temporary, merciful eviction of our first parents from their cosy, customized, divinely controlled context (Eden), into the cruel jungle we now call world.

Even when divorce becomes inevitable, if it does, it is no less a dark, brutal compliment of the cosmic curse brought upon creation at the fall of Adam and Eve — our first parents.

Divorce, a permanent separation between two mortals (a Woman and a Man) once in love, is an enhanced mirror of our temporary separation from the God of Love.

Divorce is dark & deep…


Why bother about what the bible says on the subject?
Is it ever biblically right to ask for a divorce?
Under what circumstances may a Christian ask for a divorce, in the light of scriptures?
Does the bible allow for re-marriage, after divorce?
& more…

Try: stay with me on this long and windy journey, as we reverently reflect on this subject, under Christ and the light of His word

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Gideon Odoma is a minister of the Gospel and founder of Fortress Ministry.

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