Ezinne Ukoha: White Supremacy will Never be defeated, and that’s exactly the way it should stay

by Ezinne Ukoha

The nightmare at Charlottesville, VA that involved a parade of White men lighting their way towards the hell of their own making — ended with the terror of an incensed White male ramming his car into the sea of other protestors — that were exercising their right to stomp all over the embedded tracks of White supremacy.

The idea that grown men can muster the nerve to publicly whine about the realization that being “white and male” is fast becoming a dwindling handle of the population — is quite frankly beyond any analysis you can conjure up — in a sober state.

But, what’s really frightening is the ease with which we greet the confirmation of death and destruction. Yes, a young woman was run down by an out of control vehicle — just as she was trying to get to the other side.

Daniel Lombroso, a writer for The Atlantic, is known for the 2016 documentary he produced — that details the inner workings of the alt-right — through the lenses that thoroughly capture — revered white nationalist — Richard Spencer — embracing the iconic status that was borne from the bowels of hate and fear.

Two lethal combinations that ultimately explode all over each other with misguided fury.

Lombroso, also has his response to the chaos in Charlottesville — and it comes in the form of the standard fare — that assures those of you that believe in the eventual rise of good over evil — that your waiting time — has just been extended.

Anti-fascists face off against neo-Nazis at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

A thirty-three-year-old White man named Andrew Dodson who identifies as a “racial realist” on a mission to save White America from extinction — is getting his short window of fame— thanks to his unnerving openness with Lombroso — who grilled the “young lad” about the relevancy of a group that thrives off of a system — that gives them unrelenting power without any earning stripes.

Dodson was pissed as fuck that some random dude in a car “rammed into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one of them.” That shit basically “gave the police justification to shut down a large area and end the alt-right’s peaceful assembly.” And the worst of it according to Dodson — was the excruciating punishment of having to wait it out at a nearby hotel — with his other buddies — who also wished that the person who was killed by the car that caused the end of their “tiki fiesta” — had found a way to miraculously dodge her fate.

There is so much stuff out there — assembled for another proper acknowledgement of how almost hopeless it is to dare to dream of a day that won’t be bloated with newly formed hashtags — carrying tons of weight but almost no substance of truth or pure acceptance.

You read, retweet, highlight, scroll, share, and clap your way through each delivery of your choice — and as with each occasion of national duress — homage is paid to past, present and future victims. These people died in a country that has been known to devour its own — at the luxury of those that can afford to watch with glee.

The piece in The Atlantic is a godsend. There is no creative way to bypass the realization that White supremacists have every right to showcase their intolerance and off-putting rhetoric — that never deviates from the quest to rely on the battery life of whiteness as a shield against the impending threat of a culturally vibrant palette.

White supremacy should always remain an undefeated territory

The best response to White men strolling in the dark — chanting for the privilege of retaining the privilege of being blissfully privileged — should incite a shock wave of silence and disinterest.

The far right rally at Charlottesville. Photograph: Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

No White person who hates anyone much darker than them — is going to attempt to find another avenue of torture — for the sake of renewing the claim of basic human decency.

For all our sakes — It is wise to decide which side of the lane — matches our overall vision — and immediately secure the spot for building blocks. The mission is to convert the betrayal that pursues us with the carcasses of spirits — into a network that rejects the temptation to once again herald episodes of societal defecation — that continues to stink and spread with wild ceremony.

President Trump blamed “all sides” for the mess that was instituted in his honour. Trump’s “whiteness” “privilege” and “youth” garnered him the anointing of a segment of this country that has always held embezzled prominency with little or no policing.

It’s time to end the madness

When I began curating essays that explored the level of injustice levied at those accused — that overwhelmingly didn’t deserve the consequences of their racial make up — the words flowed with vengeance.

There was the fervent need to focus on the tragedy of not having White skin — in an institution that won’t conform to a “new normal.”

It’s time to let go and fight for all the reasons why allowing White people to scare the night into the moon with their creepy crawls — is exactly what they don’t want and the reason why they should be subjected to such quiet treatment.

America, The Beautiful didn’t become a bountiful oasis because God only took one day off to chill before continuing his tumultuous masterpiece. The imposing monuments and vast infrastructure are mighty and fine — and even the flag has a certain appeal that can’t be ignored.

But, if history has taught us anything — it’s that you can kill anyone. You are not exempt from the ugliness of terror at the hands of those who have charged themselves with the task of eliminating all those that don’t apply.

There is no doubt that ignorant folk can’t be rescued. And that isn’t necessarily a dire conclusion — but rather an incentive to leave the crazies alone — for good — and instead — congregate to develop a tangible escape route that points our people in the right direction.

This new wave won’t require wordy documents that once again propels the proof that White America won’t ever be black enough to stay flexibly white.

The supreme of whiteness isn’t intimidating. It’s the aftermath that rattles the core of reason as the expected reinforcements bring absolutely no relief or dignity to a situation that won’t stop developing.

The only solution is to alienate the mental and physical affiliation with Whites in America who are supreme in acute idiocracy and the mandated appropriation of what wasn’t bequeathed to them — for obvious reasons.

There is no way to defeat the air with a slap of your hand — but you can manipulate the mechanisms by refusing to oil the bolts and nuts — until movement is stifled and supremacy takes on a very different meaning.

That’s when the possibility of defeat will finally be worth the aggravation. For all our sakes.

R.I.P. Heather Heyer.

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Ezinne Ukoha is a Juggling Wordsmith and delightfully mumbling poet. She blogs at medium.com

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