The Film Blog: Gideon Okeke’s basketmouth has started to leak again

Where to begin.

Nollywood actor and Tinsel star #GideonOkeke took to his Instagram page to slam veteran actor Chiwetalu Agu for his vulgar remarks in movies. #nollywoodnews #gideonokeke

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Here is the summary: everything Gideon says is nonsense.

That would be bad in and of itself.

But the fact that he had to attack a veteran, whose shoes he is not even fit to clean yet in terms of depth, range and work ethic… it just makes you wonder which of the hard drugs he is taking.

The last time his mouth took him into trouble and he attacked HIS OWN scriptwriters on Tinsel. His career is still surviving that error in judgement (to put it nicely).

What’s wrong with these kids that make them unable to control themselves once they have an audience?

Ps: And no, dear. Your job as film maker does not include morality or education. You can choose only to entertain. Read up.

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