George Floyd: Are Blacks ‘thugs’ only when they protest?

George Floyd

In the wake of the death of George Floyd, the African-American man that was assaulted to death by some police officers, Black people and everyone who stands with the black community and the family of the slain, have taken to the streets to protest against police brutality and racism in the US. However, what appeared to be a peaceful protest, got escalated when the police got involved and President Donald Trump tagged protesters ‘Thugs.’

According to the president, the ‘thugs’ are dishonouring the memory of Mr. Floyd and he is going to do anything and everything necessary to stop their activities.

President Trump pointed out that he will okay the military to get involved in the heated activities in Minneapolis as he shared that the governor has his full support. Reacting to his tweets on the matter, many people have schooled the president on his choice of words in addressing protesters, especially considering their history and the cause of their protest.

To most, the president’s tweet is as just as racist as the police officers involved in the killing of George Floyd.

Many Twitter users drew the President’s attention to a protest that happened in the Michigan Capitol Building with loaded guns and while the President said some things concerning the protest, he never addressed the protesters as thugs, for that reason, those who have joined in this trend have flagged the US president as a racist and always looking for an opportunity to exercise his ‘white supremacy’ rights on the black community.

A few others were of the opinion that reacting to what the president has said was a waste of time, as it will not change the fact that he has said it, however, they called that his post be reported and flagged as inappropriate, as it goes against Twitter policies.

While the protest may have escalated, some Twitter users have shared that some White Police Officers posing as protesters are responsible for the burning of buildings and bashing of car windows to change the narrative and paint protesters as violent. A police officer, Jacob Pederson, was identified as one of the cops who did this, and while he has been contained, users have shared that a similar case has happened in 2014 where police officers posed as protesters to incite violence.

It is obvious that a lot of emotion is playing in this situation, but many Americans and people interested in this story have pointed out how Donald Trump has failed them on many occasions and calling black protesters ‘thugs’ is just another reason for them to say that America isn’t what it used to be anymore.

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