[The Sexuality Blog] German authorities just shut down an 87,000 member child pornography site and arrested its owner

So this just happened.

According to news reports, the German police has only just announced that it shut down what might be the biggest child porn site in recent years.

While the original arrests happened as far back as June 12 2017, the police has tried to keep proceedings secret in attempt to track down as many users of the site as possible before they get wind of events and go underground.

The child pornography website which traded photographs and video of under aged children engaging in sexual acts has been operating on the dark web for less than a year and has been the subject of a wide scale investigation into which millions of dollars have been sunk. The site called ELYSIUM was also used as auction platform to bid for underaged children who have been subjected to prostitution and trade tips about how to ‘safely’ engage in underage sex without getting caught by police. The darknet site can only be accessed by downloading special software that makes it invisible to everyone else on the web. The police is currently in the process of arresting other users.

It is terrifying to think just how many children 87000 users have endangered and just how many people there are out there who actively indulge their sexual preoccupation with children. Nigeria has barely scratched the surface of its own pedophilia epidemic and as the conventional sources for underage sex partners are shut down or made unattractive to pedophiles they will start to look to Africa. I shudder at the thought.

Thank God police somewhere in the world is doing their job.


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