We are happy #BBNaija is coming to an end today. Here’s why you should be too


The Big Brother Nigeria show has had it’s run for 3 months. That’s 3 whole months of Nigerians being actively interested in one central topic! We know we often go off about how our collective attention as a nation is too short. It annoys us so much we created a column to remind you of stuff when we get frustrated about you not remembering them.

[Like here: We were just angry you didn’t vote TBoss out to let her come confront Kemen immediately]

So you’d naturally think that the whole country having undivided attention over one thing for 78 days would make us happy and fulfilled. And we were. Till Day 15 or so. We didn’t get bored. We just got tired. And we are all “yaay” now that the thing will finally come to an end this evening. We are so elated. And it’s not because we are haters.

Read some of our reasons below and you’ll probably be happy too:

1. Just so we can see Bisola’s face when she finally finds out the truth about ThinTall Tony

Did you not see her face when TBoss said something about how she’d heard around the house that Thin Tall Tony was married “with a kid”?

We live for the face she’ll make when she finds out he’s not married with a kid but with two kids and maybe one more on the way and a wife that has no interest in letting her marriage go.

Oh man! Imagine the face she’ll give when she meets the wife! Are these evil thoughts? Are we bad for looking forward to these things?

Don’t lie, you are too!

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2. TBoss will finally come home and we can ask Kemen to say all that stuff about “perception” to her face

Remember the time TBoss got “kemened” and then Kemen got disqualified and he still came home to grant interviews where he says all that we saw was only in our “perceptions” and generally just made it sound like there was more to the story than we had been made to believe by the existing narrative?

Yeah, now, TBoss will come home – with or without the 25 million Naira – and she can finally tell her own side of the story. Maybe even in a #HurtBae-style interview.

3.  Finally, we’ll get some silence from the “intellectual” corner.

Everyone has that one person (or more, God forbid) on their TL who tries to act like it’s more serious than it is. Analysing the show and stuff like MNet ever gave us a reason to think BBNaija is some exercise in social engineering and not just a show. Period.

Finally, they can STFU. And that’s plenty reason to be elated if you ask us.

4. On the flip side, we can finally turn on all that “intellectual” power to #RealNation stuff

Things like #Budget2017 and questions like: “What in the name of goodness is really going on with the Presidency and the Senate or just what Florence Ita-Giwa just said and how crazy it is that APC is broke and PDP just cannot unite. Honestly, you have all missed a lot and we cannot wait for us to start asking questions like: How’s it going on Linda Ikeji Social?

5. Bisola can finally get back to making funny skits

We think everyone will be happier with a funny Bisola as opposed to her just showing an ugly side to her day in; day out.

6. Just because 78 days is a darn long time to be on one hashtag.

We are done! Now, let’s move on.

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