“Has Amaka run mad?” – YNaija Weekly Tinsel Review (February 20 – 24)

by Joy Ehonwa

Damilola Adegbite

Sheila wasn’t pleased that Fred went ahead to see Kwame, although he did hold his own pretty well. Kwame could tell that something was wrong, but Fred didn’t give him the information he wanted.

Still, they managed to get past that and it was very touching to see her throw her arms around her husband in a hug that had all of her heart packed into it. It made us think how beautiful it would be when Fred remembered his Sheila again. Don’t hold your breath though; it appears that things will get worse before they get better – Laide has announced that she is pregnant!

Ironic when you consider that Sheila told Amaka at the spa that she just can’t stop imagining Laide and Fred together in her bed. Of course, all-knowing, all-certain Amaka insisted that the reminders were only in Sheila’s head. Well, there’s one more reminder now and it’s all too real.

If we had a dollar for every time someone has told Sheila, “If you had children, you would understand” we would be rich. It’s hard to imagine how she’ll cope with this new development. And noow that Laide is pregnant, Fred will have a lot more to wrap his mind around than the fact that this is Sheila’s 5th marriage.

Meanwhile, Phillip is convinced his bad directing drove Chris to suicide and has been taking it rather badly. Sheila was able to get him to look after the baby while she took a very reluctant Amaka to Mirage Spa. Babysitting Amaka’s baby turned out to be good for him, although the baby refused to sleep and kept eyeing him suspiciously.  Phillip would have gone ahead to give the baby a few drops of alcohol if Tare hadn’t come over. Then Amaka, looking suspiciously like she is mentally unbalanced, took her baby out of Tare’s arms and made a fuss, even telling Tare, who she’s never met before, to shut up.

It’s perhaps time Amaka saw a mind-doctor. Lord knows what exactly is going on inside there.

Then we had to put up with Titi weeping over Shalewa’s absence one minute, and bragging about how she’s enjoying the peace and quiet the next.

Moving on…

So far Shalewa is having fun living with her Dad though. And that Tokunbo really is a good boy – very few would still want to take Shalewa out after all the trouble Dan put him through. “Write out your entire itinerary for this date, no touching, no kissing, no hand holding, no action flicks, no romantic movies, watch a nice documentary instead…” Really, Dan?

Still, the pair succeeded in sneaking away from Frank who Dan had paid to drive and chaperon them, and spent their date at their usual spot in the park instead, where Shalewa surprised us by leaning over and kissing Tokunbo.

How cute!

Much to our relief, the fire started by Eneh the town crier has been put out. Ziggy and Dan realised while arguing that neither of them was planning to sell, and they had a good laugh over it.

Kwame enjoyed delivering Soji’s invitation to him at the station and we could almost hear the poor boy’s heart breaking, but Mr. Mensah wasn’t smiling when Tare paid him a visit and assured him that she would “keep this bizarre wedding from happening.”

Kwame doesn’t seem to have noticed how people who hurt or pester Tare’s loved ones mysteriously turn up dead. Charley, be warned!

Till next week.

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