Hauwa Adbullahi-Booth: Life’s defining moments (30 Days, 30 Voices)

“My father once again beat me silly. He said to me ‘You are a Booth and we are strong confident people who face whatever situation we find ourselves in squarely.”

I am one of the most complex yet simple people that I know; lazy but driven hard worker, confused yet focused. I know…it doesn’t make sense to me either, but it is the truth. I guess it’s this contradiction that attracts and distracts but it has seen me through some pretty testy times.

I am a daughter, sibling, wife, mother, friend, employee, employer, writer, investor, consultant, lawyer, Believer; but most importantly I am ME. There are days I still question who this person is.

Growing up was not much of an adventure. It was a pretty average existence I have deduced that now that I have grown up. My father was an intelligent man that was too intelligent to deliver what he wanted in a manner mere mortals like me could grasp. I came back from school crying that a class mate had been me. I made sure I laid on the story heavy to get my message across and hope he would flip enough to either warn or beat the living daylights out of the classmate that had beaten me instead my father beat me silly. A couple of days later, I got in trouble in school and my teacher flogged me(yes, in those days teachers flogged). Again I laid it heavy for my father through tears after all this time it was an adult that had beat me. My father once again beat me silly. He said to me ‘You are a Booth and we are strong confident people who face whatever situation we find ourselves in squarely. We don’t cry and run. Go out there and do just that’!

Profound defining moment number one.

I was just in primary school but my father had taught me the valuable lesson of standing up and fighting for myself (if he wouldn’t then no one else would) and do to the right thing so that I don’t get into trouble(that turned out to be somewhat untrue).

Maturing wasn’t fun. Too many choices. Too many pieces of advice. Too many decisions. To guard myself, I went through this period in a haze; I never really enjoyed the moment. On a trip back from the USA, holiday I was browsing through books in WH Smith and came upon one; ‘Think Big; Kiss Ass’ by the Donald himself. I read it and then it hit me. I then decided to read Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich dad, Poor dad’.

Profound defining moment number two.

I have never looked back. I failed at three businesses but I have never felt ashamed. I learnt so much about myself and the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of business that the current business I am in is definitely on the road to success. When I had my daughter, I kept wondering what I would do with her. It felt so surreal. One moment I came into the hospital as one person, now I was leaving with a delicate human being in tow and I asked myself; ‘do these people know what they are doing?? Are they really going to let me leave the hospital with this human?’

Profound moment number three.

I was now responsible for the life of another human being. So much was riding on me. Almost immediately I had to re-orientate my thinking. Looking back, I wonder why the mundane issues about children and rearing where topics of advice not the real stuff!

All these instances that shaped me reflect in my stand on issues. Politics; there’s none played like the politics of marriage. Marriage; must we all?. Sex; what’s the big deal? Religion; stranglehold. Money; the world’s curse but I’m building businesses for my share. Woman=Power(ask Ms. Oteh). GEJ; reminds me of King Saul.

My mantra: Life is a lesson best learnt by everyone. In that case live YOUR life to the fullest.

About the author: Hauwa Abdullahi-Booth is a  lawyer who has a passion for business. Went to Law School not business school. Learnt that on the streets of life. All levels of education; home-grown. Lawyer, Business Consultant, Scent Consultant, Writer/blogger Real Estate Investor need I say more? I write on my website; Strength; being me, weakness; shoes Love to cook and eat. Travelling too. Mother of one.

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