All correct?! Let’s compare the new police uniform with the rest of the world’s

by Lekan Olanrewaju

Amidst controversy over a botched hostage rescue and tales of violence around the country our government has once more shown its incredible penchant for ignoring such trivialities, and focusing on what is truly important. Yes, those citizens who bother about bombings and things of the sort are focusing on the wrong things, as there are far more pressing issues at hand, for example, the police uniform.

The Nigerian Police Force on Tuesday began a test run for the new police operational uniform. “The IGP, Mohammed Dahiru Abubakar has said his appearance in the new police camouflage is a process of test running the uniform as one of the Force’s operational outfits.” said Deputy Commissioner of Police Olusola Amore in a statement.“President Goodluck Jonathan has approved a test-run of a camouflage dress for the Nigeria Police Force as one of its operational attires.”

You’ve got to admit though – the all one was not a sight for sore eyes.

The IGP stated that the new dress is in line with the transformation agenda of the Federal Government and the long desire of the Police management team to reform and to launder an acceptable image for the police through the turn-out of its officers and men. The camouflage which is an admixture of black, white and ash colours, will serve as an operational dress for the police with some inherent advantages when fully integrated and confirmed as one of the official police outfits.”

Well, assuming one of the “advantages” of the image overhaul will be improved performance by the force, perhaps we can hazard a guess as to how much of a difference this will make to the safety of the public, and not just the bank account of whoever has been contracted to supply the new uniform, by comparing how we measure up to other uniforms from other countries.

Have a look at some uniforms from Police Forces from around the world and decide for yourself

Italian Policewomen
Italian Policewomen

Italians. Ever stylish, as we would expect

Ghanaian Policemen
Ghanaian Policemen

Our brothers over in Ghana


French Police
French Police

The French Police certainly seem happier than the average Nigerian officer. Perhaps it’s related to the brightness of their uniforms?

South African Policemen
South African Policemen

Does anybody have a problem with the South African uniform? You could probably demand an apology for it

British Police
British Police

And last but certainly not least, the guys over at the Metropolitan Police Force (those are the guys who got Governor James Ibori for us, no?)

Over to you! Which of these uniforms give you most confidence?

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Comments (6)

  1. its a welcome development to see a new nja police uniform its been over due, the black color soaks heat, yet the camouflag, is not ideal we need a lighter color!

  2. Old wine in a new bottle! The problems in the Police force need more than a change of uniforms! The main beneficiary here is the person contracted to handle supplies, not the public!


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  4. different design but the same content!

  5. *smh* well sha, thankfully there are flip flops that will match the camouflage. Hahaha.

    On the other hand, I like the Italian missies, they show look sharp and clean.

  6. The Italian police has the most classy look and excellent performance. Sorry, the look of the police does not solve the security problem.

    Let's make the main thing the main thing and solve the security challenges.

    Changing uniforms will cost some naira!

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