How suspected cultist was shot dead after raping pregnant woman in Lagos (PICTURED)



Nemesis recently caught up with a notorious cult member, identified as Tunde Lawal, when he was reportedly shot in the chest during a clash with rival groups. The remains of Lawal were deposited in the mortuary of the Isolo General Hospital. Lawal was said to be a member of the Eiye cult group terrorising the community.

Lawal, 23, reportedly met his death in the evening of Tuesday, September 3, 2013.

However, earlier in the afternoon of that day around Abule-Ijesha area, Lawal popularly called Ogbon and another cult member identified as Para Alabi had accosted a five month pregnant woman and raped her.

The duo reportedly left the woman unconscious at the scene of the rape before finding their way to where Lawal met his death. After raping the pregnant woman, Lawal and Alabi, though heavily drunk, reportedly headed to meet his gang at their pub close by. But unknown to them, another rival cult group had clashed with his own group some hours before then and the other group had threatened to return later with more terror. That was exactly what they did. It was reported that barely an hour after Lawal and his partner-in-crime arrived at the beer pub, about 12 members of the rival cult group arrived in a bus.

They headed straight for the place where the Eiye group was seated. Almost immediately a heated argument ensued among them. And Lawal was said to have confronted the leader of the rival group. Almost spontaneously, members of the two groups reportedly started firing into the air as if to scare the other group. The gunfire reportedly made residents and shop owners to scamper for safety. It was reported that when Lawal wanted to engage the leader of the opposing group in the fight, he was shot twice in his chest.

He immediately slumped and died, lying in the pool of his blood. About six other members of the two groups were severely wounded before others took to their heels.

Speaking with journalists after the incident, a resident of the area where the incident happened, Kehinde Adewale, claimed that the rival gangs had been behind the myriad of woes that had engulfed the area in the last couple of months. Adewale, who claimed that residents of the area no longer sleep with two eyes closed, maintained that many residents had been victims of the rival cult gangs as their members also occasionally rob houses and dispossess residents of their valuables. “The situation has gone beyond control now.

We no longer sleep well in this area again. The whole place has been turned into a den of criminals. It is no longer safe to walk in daytime let alone at night. You can imagine that the two guys went to rape a pregnant woman.

Can you beat that? I honestly do not know what is going on in this area again and we have appealed several times to authorities to protect our lives here but to no avail,” Adewale said. Another female resident, who declined to give her name, apparently for fear of reprisal, wondered how cult members would be allowed to operate with impunity without caution from the law enforcement agents. According to the nursing mother, “what we heard that afternoon was that two cult members raped a pregnant woman.

But more hours after then, we suddenly saw people running helterskelter. Moments after, we saw these bad boys running towards the university and shooting into the air as they sped past”. A community leader, who would not give his name, also claimed that Lawal had been involved in series of rape cases that happened in the area in the last one year.

According to the community leader, “That boy (Lawal) and his gang are thorn in the flesh of everyone of us in this area. The most annoying aspect of it is that we heard that the parents of most of these bad boys live close to us here, but they could not call their sons to order.”

A police source at Alade Police Station claimed that some relatives of Lawal came to the station to demand for documents to enable them collect his remains from the mortuary, which they were immediately issued. The source said that efforts are on to apprehend other members of the two rival groups operating in the area.

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  1. God u are wonderful plz keep judging dose rapist dis way lord.

  2. For Lawal and his gang’ the wages of sin is death….

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