How to spot a horrible friend

from Techyville

Are you sure that the people in your life are keepers? A lot of us keep people around that do not make us better, instead they use up all of our energy. It is important to keep people around who support you as much as you support them,  so that the relationship isn’t one-sided. There are a few types of bad friends out there and you might be dragging around all three of them.

For starters, there are those friends that leave you feeling as if you have just run a marathon. These energy suckers always need a pick-me-up and never seem to give anything positive back to the relationship. Life is always so unfair to these people and they always need to talk out their issues with the world, yet never seem to resolve them. No amount of talking through it, advice or time spent towards helping them out will never get them past their emotional black hole. If you’re in a friendship like this, then think about what you really get out of it, other than a headache.

There are also those types of people who only think of themselves (which is why they expect everyone else to think about them too.) These are the types that can easily ask for a favor but are never actually capable of returning it. Their lives are too busy and too important to return the favor for a friend.

Then of course, there are those people that always lie to you. So why keep any of those types of people around? None of them will make you better and quite frankly, they’re just bringing you down.   Do an inventory of your current friends list and figure out who needs to stay and who is destined to go.  After it’s all said and done, you might feel better about your life.


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