How woman delivered a baby as tornado tears Oklahoma apart (PICTURED)

tornado delivery oklahoma

As the hospital was being torn apart all around her, Shay-la Taylor was giving birth to her baby boy.

Like most Oklahomans, Taylor knew about the weather and the chance for storms, but she also knew storm warnings were nothing new
for the area, so she really wasn’t nervous about her scheduled delivery.

“We’re used to tornadoes and sirens,” the new mom told the Huffington Post during an interview. “If you freaked out every time you heard a siren, you’d have an anxiety attack every May in Oklahoma.”

Although Taylor remained calm, doctors were nervous about her planned induced delivery and canceled it, but Taylor’s baby boy had other plans. Taylor began having contractions and couldn’t be sent home.

At around 2PM Taylor was still at the hospital but hadn’t delivered yet when hospital staff came into her room and told her that if the tornado headed their way, then her husband and four year old son would be moved to a protective shelter area. About an hour later the tornado came toward them and Taylor was separated from her husband Jerome and son Shaidon, then taken to an emergency room where the mom-to-be monitored the storm on her phone.

Then the worst happened and Taylor’s hospital was destroyed by the twister while she was still having contractions.

“The floor was shaking like an earthquake and then I saw the ceiling shaking too. You could see insulation starting to fall. Me and two of the nurses were all just holding hands and praying. My eyes were closed, but you could kind of see daylight. And I opened my eyes and I could see out the wall.”

Still in labor, Taylor requested a hand doppler to monitor her baby’s heartbeat to ensure that he was okay. After the tornado passed, husband Jerome helped hospital staff move his wife to an ambulance so she could be transported to another hospital to deliver her baby.

Taylor’s baby boy was born at 7:25 p.m. on Monday evening. He weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces.
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