“I’m not your hero anymore, Telema” – Read the YNaija Weekly Tinsel Review April 2-6

by Joy Ehonwa

While Shalewa, still convinced of her father’s innocence, was going around collecting signatures for her “Free Dan Ade-Williams” project, Amaka was busy being extremely rude to Mrs Okoh. The old woman has had enough, and now Amaka (remorseless) is calling the nanny service for the 3rd time.

She doesn’t have our sympathies.

Perhaps the young lady most deserving of our pity is poor, poor, Telema. Just when she was trying to make her marriage work; buying her husband a shirt and calling him to find out his size, Bimpe dropped the bombshell on her. We just knew the sweetness wouldn’t last. Kwame did confess to the sending the text messages. She accused him of taking advantage of Dan Ade-Williams’ concern for her as her manager to make him do what Kwame, didn’t have the guts to do himself. Then she told him she wanted a divorce. Of course Kwame would have none of that. He walked out in a huff, only to come back and find her gone with some of her suitcases.

She refused to tell Tare what the matter was, but she did go to see Soji—predictably. She told him everything she knew about what really happened, although he already suspected what Kwame did to make her marry him. Sadly for her, she didn’t get the comfort she went looking for.

“I’m not your hero anymore,” Soji told her. “You have made your bed, so you must go and lie on it.” Oh, how we love him for this. Sadly, we doubt this resolve will last.

Telema isn’t the only one who wants a divorce. Sheila has promised to divorce the supremely annoying Fred if he goes to Lokoja in search of Laide, as he has insisted he will. Sheila asked for Phillip’s help and when he refused to get involved, she threatened to tell Fred that they slept together. Not even knowledge that nothing of the sort happened could keep Phillip from succumbing to her blackmail. Of course, his father wouldn’t listen—the conversation ended in anger, and Phillip stormed out.

Not that we can blame him; Phillip does have challenges of his own. Despite the efforts of Amaka and Wale to keep him in line, he was unwilling to wait for World Movies to release their press statement. He went ahead to make his own announcement first, without the knowledge of anyone at Reel.

Of course this has made Angela’s life even worse. She is already in competition with the three other development executives at World Movies, thanks to Mrs Haruna. And even though she is taking it all in her stride, even thanking the imposing Mrs Haruna for “the opportunity to prove that her advancement in the company had nothing to do with her being Alex’s favourite employee, Phillip’s move has made things tougher. Mrs Haruna has asked Amaka to get Phillip to retract his announcement within a week, or World Movies will sue.

While we are on the subject of Mrs Haruna, it turns out she is old friends with Ziggy! She even asked Ziggy if he thinks Fred is still upset with her.

The plot thickens as Angela agrees to a date with Emil in exchange for personal information about his mother. What will she find out, and what exactly does she intend to do with the information? We can’t wait to have Old Angela back.

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Comments (2)

  1. Amaka pisses me off immensely. She's not the first single mother in the world and neither is she the only one. There are single mothers out there who juggle more than one child and don't give people grief over this. I'd be happiest when they write off her character.

    I have no pity for Telema. She's a weakling and I can't stand weak females.

    Fred? Hmmmm Sheila should leave jare. She's taken too much from the guy already!

  2. Amaka is always a user,rude and an ingrate.

    Telema can go to hell.

    Sheila,i love her and want her marriage to work cos she has really put in alot.

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail