In search of a good kill I (FICTION)

The amount of energy that flows through my system as I try to regulate the anger I feel is in high demand. I want to burst out and scream at everyone passing by but that will make me look like a mad man but I am a mad man. Or even worse, a possessed mad man. It’s better than being nothing.

I’ve been masking this feeling for far too long not to let it out on anyone. I need to kill again. I need to find someone to feed to this demon within me. It has just been 2 days since my last hunt. I feel like if I don’t kill I will lose my mind. The last kill was fun. She screamed just like I liked. She had a strong spirit. So she fought hard. Hard enough that she lost her voice screaming.

I could see hope leave her eyes when she knew there was no hope anymore. That was the best part. I was beginning to miss how that felt.  “Aaaaaargh!!!! Grrrrr!!!” I growled like a hungry beast causing people to stare for a minute before they resumed their usual activity. “Get a hold of yourself you idiot” A voice whispered to me.

I looked back to see if I could catch the dead meat that said that. “No one said anything. It’s just you losing your mind.” It whispered again. Terrified, I began pacing towards the city library where I could have some quiet. The voices were getting louder. They started right before my first kill.

“Tell her you are an engineer. Tell her she has pretty brown eyes. Tell her to come over to see your trophy collection.” The voice once said, making me think I was getting laid but never knew I was getting prepared for my first kill. I did it with a blunt axe I used to chop down wild branches that were obstructing the pathway to my front door.

She was the first and I wished she was the last but I felt brand new when her blood spilled all over me. Like I was reborn. My strength tripled and my awareness was peaked. My senses grew sharper and I swear I could hear mosquitoes mating in the other room.

Her screams were the best part. They were like melodies coming from the pits of hell. Put a Don Jazzy beat to it and I could dance to the screams.

I snapped out of my thought and grabbed a cup of coffee from the street vendor beside the library’s gate. He knew students would come around the library to read for their university entrance exams due in a week. Talk about strategic positioning. Big bucks for him.

“Big bucks for him, less blood for you, more blood for me, blooooooooooood!!!!!!!!” The voice screamed loud in a croaky voice as I tried to cover my ears and scream but I quickly snapped out of it.

The voice was back again.  And this time it was insistent. I felt the warmth of the coffee on my palms and that was enough to bring me back to reality. But this wasn’t a nightmare. How can I be living in a nightmare?  What my life has now become a puzzle to me.

I walked into the library and headed for a silent corner. I picked a book about human anatomy from a shelf and began to read. The human body fascinated me. Every curve, every line and muscle was designed beautifully. By the best of designers, God himself. I wish he could hear me and save me from this hell because I can’t imagine hell with the hell I’m in.

I wanted to see how they all worked. I wanted to get inside the body of a human being. I never had it in mind to do it to her. “Yes you did! And you loved it!! Yes you did! Yes you did!! Yes you did!!!” The voice argued with my thought. “No I didn’t!” I said out loud. My voice echoed through the library halls as everywhere fell silent. Even the murmurs of the ‘Study groups’ seized.

The murmurs resumed and the silence was a little bit more comforting. “Do you mind if I join your table?” A sweet feminine voice inquired. I looked up with a grimace but it quickly changed into a smile as another opportunity for some salvation presented itself. The lamb was willing to share a table with the wolf.

It was a full moon that night and I could hear the howling of dogs in the distance. “Of course I don’t mind. How would I refuse the company of a cute nerd like you?” I teased. Even when she wasn’t that cute, with the hideous glasses on. “Yesss!!! Yes!! Now offer her coffee. Your coffee, offer it to her.” The voice whispered. It was going to be another good kill.

Abdulwahab Abubakar is a part time writer and a full time imaginator( yeah he imagined the word too). He blogs at

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