It turns out, the components of your face does influence how people are attracted to you

male face

Individuals with facial features typical for newborn children draw out similar sentiments and sympathy that infants do. Men with mature and manly features convey life and sexual power.

Ladies are more attracted to male faces that consolidate the best components of these extremes: the large eyes and medium-to-little nose of the endearing face, with the solid jaw and wide cheekbones of the mature man’s face.

Ladies fancy men whose appearances move their desire for a sexually mature partner. They need men they can snuggle; they like men with enormous eyes and strong jaw over men with no chin.

This isn’t about intimate romance, obviously: Why one lady or man turns out to be genuinely dedicated to another result from a number of things of which facial allure is just a single factor; nor is it about body shape, which clearly assumes its own particular huge part.

This is about impressions shaped by photos, by staring deep into a man’s eyes. This is about faces that trigger that first quickening of the pulse, that first hint of longing, that weakening of the knees. This is about Wow!


Is it accurate to say that we are close to knowing what the ideal male face looks like?

Really young looking men are considered more innocent, more docile, hotter, fairer and physically weaker than their age mates. Mature-faced men, by contrast, are seen as being more grounded, shrewder and more prevailing.

Eyes convey information. Big, baby-like eyes suggest spontaneity, innocence, vulnerability. Small eyes, though a mark of maturity, may “convey a lower need for affection and care.

Then again, ladies do not appear to like an immature, child-like jaw. Jaws reveal the level of maturity. It shows that a man has experienced pubescence.

Corporate wears, dark suits with a tie, seem to help, so does low haircut, both of which could be interpreted as signs of achievement.

A man who has an alluring mix of mature, expressive, and great eyes; who looks active and fashionable, cuddly, and manly, may seem to offer the most obvious opportunity for a friendly, high-status partner

What ladies need is a face that has everything…

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