Japheth Omojuwa: Give the President a break… (YNaija FrontPage)

One would assume a lot of you are jealous of her Chris Aire blings but then I also know some of you have funny ideas about the house of corruption, otherwise called NNPC.

Nigeria’s current ruler, Goodluck Jonathan would rank high amongst the most cursed Nigerian rulers in history. This is not just because there are more poor people to curse him but because there are also more tools of spreading the curses. Why evils? Unna no dey tire? What has the president done to deserve this? How can he start to win back your confidence? Should I act like I know what you are thinking and tell you how fast it’d take the president to be your beloved “the best man we need, to make us succeed?”

For starters, a lot of you- the president’s haters think he cultures corruption, essentially because you believe a lot of corrupt money was used to fund his campaign. Is it because you know he never in his entire life would have gotten all those campaign money except some crony arrangements were made against cash for favours after election? I know in your fickleness you’d sing his name to high praises if he sacks his current petroleum minister. A lot of you have come to associate her name with corruption. One would assume a lot of you are jealous of her Chris Aire blings but then I also know some of you have funny ideas about the house of corruption, otherwise called NNPC.

 Many of you think it is impossible for all the trillions that went down the drain in her ministry to go down without at least some landing in her own personal bank accounts. Those of you who give her the benefit of the doubt expect her to be sacked because you believe her ability to allow such a waste to happen under her watch amounts to transformational levels of incompetence. Head or tail, the president has her still, all day all night and you can finger her in reports all you like.

 Take it or leave it, a sacking for madam petroleum minister will turn again the curses of the president to praises. But then, it takes a man who does not give a damn to sack a woman who is doing a great job. Men know where to give their damns and where not to. When it comes to matters that the head plays a little role, lower parts of the body are called upon to think.

The tragedy of that, save for the head, they go straight without thinking. If the head is rotten, the body is sick so our rationality is that if the petroleum minister is doing a great job, it essentially means the petroleum ministry is fine, except there are definitions of a great job that do not essentially translate to a public understanding of what a leader defines as great.  You probably are thinking, whatever great job she is doing that helped the nation to lose those trillions cannot be great for the nation. Who cares what is great for the nation? You or the ruler? In our culture, the ruler is always right.

You can forget your name, never forget that the ruler is always right. He does not play into the hands of the people because here the people matter for election purposes, to legitimise illegitimacies. No it is not a democracy in the sense of justice, it is hypocrisy democracy. What does that mean? It means people matter only as long as they are useful to the progress and development of our nation. Don’t get it twisted, that it is said to be our nation does not mean all 160 million of us, “our” means those of us whose turn have come.

You can rain your curses and rant all you like, the president will continue his great job of transformation. You can choose to call it other names but you cannot deny the fact that many of you now think in terms of trillions. When you were younger, how many of you heard the word ‘trillion’? Yet you open your mouth to deny the transformation agenda of our overlord and ruler.

It appears I did not make sense you. Well, hypocrisy democracy does not expect of me to make sense, it just expects of me to write and say what I like. It is what I call it that matters not what you call it. Wole Soyinka could not have written it better. You twisted your nose in disbelief? Who cares? Isn’t the Transformation agenda the best thing to have happened to Nigeria?  Give the president a break, let him finish the job… let him finish us!

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