[The Legislative Blog]: Maybe Senator Ben Murray-Bruce got a good deal with Volkswagen Nigeria

Senator Ben Murray Bruce has been up to a great deal of good work recently and it’s hard to ignore. Last week, he was out in Maiduguri with the other members of the Ad hoc committee investigating the humanitarian crisis in the North East. During their visits to the various IDP camps in the region, the common sense proponent adopted a little girl in one of the camps.

Then, he took to Twitter recently to campaign against wasteful spending by state governors, government ministries and the executive. He proffered solutions to the recurring issues that underline Nigeria’s economy and the bottomline of his sermon was: Practice what you preach.

We have gone all out to explain to you how much common sense this proposition makes and why we should all pay attention to the senator.

But now, he’s made yet another laudable move. It’s all happening in rapid succession and you’d be forced to think the senator has an agenda for 2019 when really, it’s just a man doing his job.

So while discharging senate committee duties yesterday, Senator Murray-Bruce visited car manufacturing company, Volkswagen Nigeria. During the visit, he suggested that 30 percent of car parts should be made in Nigeria as this will essentially reduce the cost of the finished product. Also, these cars can then “qualify for free export duty across West Africa“.

Then this also happened:

Hopefully, other senators are learning and the presidency is taking notes! Common sense wins…

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