LISTEN: “Keep it to yourself”— second Otedola/Lawan alleged audio released

by Isi Esene

The $3m bribery scandal involving Femi Otedola and Farouk Lawan has just gotten more interesting with the release of a second audio of the conversation purported to be between both seasoned actors.

The 1 minute 52 seconds audio, released by Channels Television contained a conversation believed to have transpired between both men before the submission of the subsidy report on the floor of the House of Representatives. The audio, indicates that the person supposed to be Lawan is telling the other of the need to keep their discussions secret, as any leak could cause untold embarrassment. The voice alleged to be Farouk Lawan’s took pains to explain his plan of action to doctor the report in Otedola’s favour.

Below is the transcribed conversation:

LAWAN: …It wasn’t like my brother talking. That’s one. Secondly, please this thing that we are doing, keep it to yourself otherwise, you will make it difficult for us…

OTEDOLA: Ok. I am now.

LAWAN: You will make it difficult because somebody called me now and said that we said we are going to address it. So, so please keep it…

OTEDOLA: Address what?

LAWAN: Yeah, because if it is already out that we are going to do something, when we do it, people will think that we are doing it because we had compromised. And you know that is something that err… and if my colleagues get to hear about it, I won’t be able to convince them. So keep it to yourself.


LAWAN: Let it be… let it not be like anybody is aware of what is happening. If anybody asks you, simply explain that this thing…


LAWAN: …You know from your records. You have all the records and you have made a case to the committee. You have sent your documents to the committee

OTEDOLA: Yea, yea, ok.

LAWAN: Yea. It’s left for the committee… It’s left for the committee to decide what to do. Please keep it that way.

OTEDOLA: God bless you.

LAWAN …Yea. Because the moment it gets out now we are going to correct it, then it means we have already haa… So let it be…

OTEDOLA: Ok, ok.

LAWAN: I want to spring a surprise on the floor and that is the only credible way I can do this…

OTEDOLA: God bless you. God bless you my brother. I have been crying. Anytime I hear your voice.

LAWAN: So please, please, yeah, please, yes. You know our sector. You know your sector is small. Everybody knows – And people are already saying …Somebody just called and said what happened. Haa… They said, Femi has gotten his way around you guys and he has already succeeded.

OTEDOLA: That is not true. But let me also tell you one thing…

LAWAN: No, no, no, I am saying it. No, no, I am saying it because this is what I heard.

OTEDOLA: But my brother, let me also tell you one thing, you know me as a person.

LAWAN: It doesn’t have… I know… I don’t want…

OTEDOLA: People just get up…

LAWAN: That makes it difficult. Just, just whoever…You know… No, I didn’t do this. I’m sure it must have been a mistake from the committee but I have sent a letter to set the record right. That’s all.

OTEDOLA: Great, ok.

LAWAN: Yea, yea.

OTEDOLA: Thank you.

The audio is mostly the voice that is allegedly Lawan’s speaking, and carrying on the conversation, and while the context is yet unknown, it seems to be incriminating evidence of something going on under the table.

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