Living with your parents? | How to know when it’s time to move out

The first thing that probably popped into your mind when you saw this headline is: ‘Rent! in this Buhari economy?’ or ‘With which money?’. Did I come close? I’m sure I did..

Millenials in this part of the world, compared to our western counterparts struggle with this phase of their lives. It’s a genuine, legit struggle with your church mind, the way your bank account is set up, maternal/paternal love, bank account again, laziness, dependent syndrome.

Most of the time, living at home with your parents instead of getting your own place really does seem like the smart thing to do. You’ll save up some money, probably get married and then you’ll be on your way, right? Well, sometimes we get stuck at home without even meaning to and get overdue to ‘come and be going’, even if your parents never mention it. So how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye?;

You are there for THEM

You’re there because they expect you to either to keep them company or until you get married. This is more of an expectation of parents from daughters than sons, but if you find that you’re there to help your parents deal with the “empty nest syndrome” rather than living on your own, it’s time to sit them down and have a talk.

Explain to your parents that moving out, doesn’t mean you’ll erase their memories or you’ll turn your apartment into a den of sin (even if that is what you’re planning on doing with it). For the ladies, it’s the unwritten culture and tradition that you move from your parent’s house to your husband’s house but if that’s what you have planned, then by all means MOVE.

Your Commute to Work Takes a Million Hours

 I have a friend who does two hours to work and back every day -without traffic, in Lagos! She is burned me out big time. If by the time you get to work, you’re sweaty and cranky, and then you get home tired to the bone, and all you can think of is sleep, you might have to consider moving closer to work. In this situation, this is what happens; you’re always late, your productivity at work will decline because you’re constantly tired and sleepy, you will find it hard to sit, think and plan your days. There is a better life, my friends.

You Still Have a Curfew

Be home by 8pm,that was mine.

The thing your parents try not to tell you once you’ve graduated from Uni? They still worry about you. Constantly. When they know you’re out, they want to make sure you’re safe and you get home in one piece. That usually translates to requesting you come home before they go to sleep or you get locked out. It’s easy to get angry at them when they treat you like you’re 16, but it’s really not their fault. Their house, their rules.

You’re Older Than 30

Your mates are raising their own kids already, it’s time. Exceptions to this would be you have a shitty job and you’re living at home to save money or because you need to take care of an ailing parent. The second reason is actually the only legit reason, you have to take care of your parents.

Your House is Crowded

Is your family the kind where there are always other family members coming and going, and your room isn’t really your room because you’re sharing with at least two people? Enough said.

No room for your stuff

If your house is the one I described above, then you probably don’t have room for your personal things. Adults buy things – electronics, clothes, shoes…anything, and it may not fit into your room. They also may not want you to clutter their home with your things so you’re limited to buying what fits in your bedroom. If you find yourself longing for a brand new bedroom set or decor, that dope vanity chest, or a huge flat screen TV, then you should find your own apartment to put it in.

No Privacy

My people, if you’re victims of the two points before this. There’s no way you have privacy either. I remember living in my Aunt’s house for a while and lawd, we were many!. I had to sometimes make calls in the bathroom.

If you’re in a relationship then you are probably the most frustrated by this, you can’t lie in bed and have those steamy conversations with your grandma lying beside you. At this point, sex is pretty much out of the question unless you get a hotel room or the back seat of your car. There’s no such thing as“me” time. If this is you and you have a decent job, then you should have moved out last week.

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