‘Making dirty jokes’: 10 surprising turn-ons for men

by Gossip Queen


Show him what a competent driver you are, check the rear view mirror more than once while reversing your car and be prepared for a love-making session… in the car.

1. The smell of cooking food: Bet you didn’t expect this, but the smell of cooking food is a big turn on for a man.  A recent research shows that the smell of pumpkin pie along with lavender, increases a man’s penile blood flow and thus arousing him.  It reminds him of a relaxed state and makes him forget his tensions for a while. Time to head to the kitchen, ladies!

2. Being handy with the tools: Men love to show off their expertise with tools, but nothing can turn them on like a woman holding a screwdriver and actually using it.  Try working with handyman’s tools around the house and see your man go crazy.

3. Wearing matching lingerie: It doesn’t have to be all lacy and racy, but simple white cotton briefs with a matching bra will do the trick as well.  Men love to think that you took the trouble to wear matching lingerie just for them and that thought is a big turn-on.

4. Paying for your dinner: Men love women who can take care of themselves and are independent.  Paying for your own dinner when out with your man shows that you don’t need him to take care of you and somehow turns him on.  But do remember to not go overboard and bruise his ego.

5. Doing yoga: Want him go crazy and beg you to join him in the bedroom? Well, it’s very simple. Just put on your teeny tiny shorts and a cutesy tank top and start with the yoga.  Show him how flexible you are and do the back-bender and let him get a good look at your shapely legs and butt. Your wish is his command!

6. The colour red: Chuck the LBD and get the LRD (little red dress) out of the closet to titillate your man. Research reveals that men find women dressed in crimson more attractive than any other colour.  The colour red symbolises seduction and love to them and thus, arouses them leading to a romp at the nearest available place.

7. Sex toys: Most women are shy and don’t think that using a sex toy is important in the absence of their man. We say don’t use it when he is not present, rather use it when he is around and see him all perked up.  Men operate visually, so what they see arouses them. Let them see what you are up to and then help you with the props.

8. Making dirty jokes: Men love a woman who can talk and make conversation. Along with intelligent banter and jokes, let in a dirty joke and see your man forget the rest. Don’t go overboard and use lewd words, but let your eyes and mouth do the dirty talk. He will be aroused in no time.

9. Not wearing a bra: All they need to see is your breasts free of the bra, in a cotton vest or a T-shirt and the arousal will be on its way. Knowing that there is one item of clothing less between their hands and your breasts, can do wonders for their imagination.

10. Being a good driver: The myth that women can’t drive has been doing the rounds for a while now, and has definitely made an impression on guys, who believe it with much conviction.  Show him what a competent driver you are, check the rear view mirror more than once while reversing your car and be prepared for a love-making session… in the car.

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