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February 28, 2014

10 surprising facts about caffeine

by Huffington Post Healthy Living Editors According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, it takes about 30 to 60 minutes ...

October 27, 2013

7 important and surprising things happy people never do

by Corina Dondas Most people don’t know yet that they don’t need other people’s permission in order for them to ...

October 15, 2013

‘Making dirty jokes’: 10 surprising turn-ons for men

by Gossip Queen Show him what a competent driver you are, check the rear view mirror more than once while ...

October 12, 2013

8 surprising things that’ll make you wildly SUCCESSFUL

by Jena Pincott The interrogative, Pink writes, “prompts you to summon the resources and strategies to accomplish the task” and ...

October 6, 2013

8 (surprising) reasons you are feeling blue

by Jena Pincott We think our stomach hurts because we’re depressed. Sometimes, it’s actually the other way around 1. You ...

September 24, 2013

8 (surprising) things that can boost your self-esteem

by Jena Pincott Go ahead, spread some juicy gossip about someone you know. It’ll make you feel better about yourself. 1. ...

August 16, 2013

10 surprising things men NEVER think about

by Jenna Birch “We want people to mirror us, especially if we have a more controlling personality,” You know your ...

August 14, 2013

10 surprising causes of stress + solutions

by Sally Stich  Don’t let others off the hook. Hold a family meeting and express your concerns. Then set a timer ...

May 6, 2013

12 surprising health dangers in the office

by Linda Melone Energy-efficient workplaces protect the environment and save energy costs, but they may also make breathing more difficult ...

May 4, 2013

5 surprising things moms find romantic

by Amanda Morln There’s a moment in the movie The Break-Up, when Jennifer Aniston’s character says to her partner, “I want you ...

March 23, 2013

The surprising fast track to more sex

by Laura Roberson Cuddling doesn’t necessarily conclude with blue balls. In fact, it may more often end with orgasm Cuddling ...

January 14, 2013

5 surprising health boosters for men

from Real Buzz   While men may complain about nagging wives, research has found that marriage – and a little ...

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