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Isime EseneJanuary 27, 2017

#InnovationSeries: Cafe Neo, stimulating a tech-centric revolution

by Edwin Okolo This feature is a part of the YNaija Innovation Special – a set of insightful stories that ...

YEditorNovember 10, 2014

Inflation down for a second straight month

by Tunji Andrews In October 2014, the pace of price increases observed by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which measures ...

July 19, 2014

7 things you should NEVER tell a person struggling with debt

by Valencia Higuera     There are many reasons why someone gets into debt. Sometimes, situations happen beyond their control ...

July 1, 2014

7 things no one EVER told you about caffeine

by Jenna Birch     We can’t decide if this is neat or kind of scary. “Caffeine very easily crosses ...

June 22, 2014

7 things you should do to get out of debt fast

by Life Hacker     It’s a good idea to prioritize the debts to which you are going to apply ...

June 5, 2014

7 financial lessons we can learn from broke people

by Valencia Higuera       Even if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, living within your means can reduce financial ...

June 2, 2014

7 money myths that keep you deep in debt

by Crystal Crowder       Debt that’s completely out of control doesn’t have to be your normal. The stress ...

May 23, 2014

4 crazy reasons you’re always tired

by Cassie Shortsleeve     Many depressed people aren’t just down in the dumps—they’re sleepy, too. But here’s the deal: ...

May 17, 2014

5 (weird) reasons you’re still broke + how to fix them

by Kyle Taylor     For some reason, so many people forget to think about the other side of the ...

May 9, 2014

8 questions to determine if your man really makes you happy

by Madam Noire Be honest with yourself: after leaving him, do you feel inspired? Do you feel ready to take ...

May 7, 2014

7 amazing ways to overcome money related insomnia

by Valencia Higuera   In all honesty, it’s never good to argue about money — it doesn’t solve anything. However, ...

May 4, 2014

7 ways to wake up happy tomorrow

by Paula Beaton   Rather than looking at your diary and seeing 2 weeks of solid work deadlines, make plans ...

April 28, 2014

15 signs you are most definitely not a morning person

by Amy Odell When you have to get up early to be somewhere, you feel truly sorry for dog owners ...

April 18, 2014

Did you know? 7 worrisome facts about caffeine

by Melaina Juntti   What’s the largest, least regulated and most misunderstood drug trade in America? That would be caffeine. In ...

April 6, 2014

5 reasons you should drink coffee daily

by Ano Patel There are two kinds of people – those who drink tea and those who drink coffee. While ...

March 27, 2014

27 things you need to know about happiness

by Lindsay Holmes We all have different ideas of how to achieve total bliss. For some it’s in the company ...

March 22, 2014

Meet the 5 kinds of single women

by Simi Kuriakose,TNN The only human on planet earth envied by a newlywed is a single women and vice versa. But ...

February 28, 2014

10 surprising facts about caffeine

by Huffington Post Healthy Living Editors According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, it takes about 30 to 60 minutes ...

January 15, 2014

5 signs you may be sleep deprived

by Vanessa Luis Manage your time better and get a good amount of sleep during the week so that you ...

October 26, 2013

5 ways to become a happier person

by TNN Set yourself a few attainable goals in every area of your life. Whether it is financially, in your ...

October 7, 2013

Drop 5 pounds in a week: 14 sure-fire tips

by Zoe Ruderman Cutting out one indulgence — such as the chips you have with lunch or the chocolate dessert ...

September 17, 2013

Scary: 7 everyday products that MAY cause cancer

by Medical Traveler  A 1991 report linked drinking coffee to increased risk for bladder cancer 1. Coffee Coffee has been ...

September 13, 2013

You might need this: 5 healthy drinks for diabetics

by Trina Remedios  Diabetics can also drink coffee, but… 1. Milk: Pros: Rich in vitamins and calcium, milk contains healthy culture ...

June 24, 2013

8 (easy & effective) ways to banish bad breath

by Lisa Washington Salt water helps restrict the growth of bacteria and conserves them because it absorbs water molecules. If ...

June 18, 2013

14 surprising foods with aphrodisiac properties

by Julia Austin ….“Want to come in for coffee?” question, simply the word coffee has taken on sexual, psychological connotations ...

June 9, 2013

Female doctor accused of poisoning lover’s coffee (PICTURED)

KOMENFORTHECURE VIA YOUTUBE Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo allegedly poisoned her lover by putting ethylene glycol in his coffee. A female ...

March 6, 2013

Drink coffee to live longer, scientists say

Coffee may stain your teeth and may leave you with bad breath, but scientists have found that drinking coffee later ...

December 5, 2012

8 foods that help you live longer… this will shock you

  by Alexandra Gekas Load up on health-boosting superfoods that combat breast cancer, heart disease and more If you’re tired ...

October 23, 2012

TICKER: Stupid mistake? Nurse injects coffee into patient’s vein, says “Anyone can get confused”

A student nurse who mistakenly injected coffee into the veins of an 80-year-old patient who died hours later has defended ...

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