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YNaijaNovember 30, 2022

Student who criticized Aisha Buhari secretly arraigned, remanded in prison

The police have arraigned Aminu Mohammed, who was recently arrested by security personnel for reportedly criticizing the Wife of the ...

Our Journey Is JoySeptember 1, 2020

Dear Ger: the letter | The Daily Vulnerable

by Geraldine Cunha   Hi baby Ger. You are so adorable. You came into this world at 10lbs 10oz. Such ...

EditorMay 6, 2018

Embracing your beauty is tough for any one but Toolz Oniru-Demuren has cracked the code

The journey to accepting my body hasn’t really been a smooth one. Growing up, I wasn’t particularly confident. As a ...

Op-Ed EditorJune 8, 2016

Opinion: How well can you lift?

One of the factors leading to back pain and other Work related upper limb disorders (WRULDs) is poor lifting techniques. ...

Kolapo OlapojuOctober 24, 2014

Rick Ross has lost a ton of weight (LOOK)

by Damilola Jagun   American Rapper, Rick Ross, has drastically lost a ton of weight, following his back to back ...

Isime EseneOctober 18, 2014

Before meets after: Here’s what rapper, Missy Elliot looks like now (PHOTO)

by Isi Esene Rapper, Missy Elliot has done a lot to transform herself from the overweight tracksuit wearing celebrity we ...

July 12, 2014

7 food myths you shouldn’t believe at any cost

by Heather Williams     Cleaning up your diet is always a great idea but along the way, don’t fall ...

June 29, 2014

She’s HOT! Waje shows off her (incredible) weight loss in new photos

by S’ola Filani Singer, Waje had always made her weight loss journey an open one and all her efforts are sure paying off. ...

June 16, 2014

6 oh-so SEXY foods to bring into the bedroom

by Momtastic   What goes better with whipped cream than strawberries?    With all the nibbling, licking, and kissing that ...

June 11, 2014

7 nutrients in lettuce that might surprise you

by Eliza Martinez     Most leafy greens contain some amount of iron. This nutrient is particularly important for women ...

June 1, 2014

Red meat, cola, caffeine & 7 others foods to avoid before going to bed

by Vanessa Luis   Chocolate bars are high in sugar and fat, which causes a sugar rush and can keep ...

April 24, 2014

9 types of food that make you feel bloated

by Genevieve Nunis Greasy fast foods like burgers, chips, fried chicken, nuggets and donuts can cause you to bloat as ...

April 23, 2014

6 anti-aging foods you should eat for breakfast

by Varun Swasthi Eggs also have a higher quantity of good fats, such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated ones, but they ...

April 12, 2014

9 foods an athlete would NEVER eat… neither should you

by Tiffany Gagnon Top performing athletes know that nutrition is king when it comes to gaining an edge over their ...

April 12, 2014

7 ways to lose weight this weekend

by Tara Zimliki On the weekends when you have more time, you can exercise longer at the gym, try new ...

April 10, 2014

‘It decreases your cancer risk’: 19 benefits of getting your body in shape

by Sarah Klien Even without a clinical diagnosis, working out will lift your spirits. Whether or not you find the ...

March 31, 2014

Listen & learn: 6 infertility myths busted

by Trina Remedios There are some studies which show that age does play an important part in male fertility. These ...

March 27, 2014

Your new 20 minute workout – no gym required

by Nora Tobin With the holidays just around the corner, traveling, parties, shopping, and other seasonal outings may start to ...

March 26, 2014

10 ways to burn fat and keep it off for good

by Brian Krahn The leanest people on the planet move around a lot more on a given day than those ...

March 25, 2014

Still not losing belly fat? SEE 5 reasons why you’re not

by  Alexandria Ingham When you’re trying to lose weight, there is always a problem area. For many women that area is ...

March 1, 2014

17 ways to lose weight without lifting weights

by Trina Remdios Warm ups:  Arm circles: Rotate the arms as a warm up for intense exercises. Moving your arms in ...

March 1, 2014

Did you know? 7 foods that fight inflammation and belly fat

by Dummies 1. Fruits and vegetables All fruits and vegetables, due to their rich nutrient and fiber content, help to ...

January 30, 2014

Opinion: Why Jonathan must go in 2015

by Mike Redford Those who are not with us are against us. President Jonathan and PDP are against us. President ...

January 20, 2014

10 simple ways to lose weight quick

By Varun Swasthi   Along with your food habits, it is important you spend some time doing physical activity. Hit the ...

January 13, 2014

You need this: 15 foods to help you lose weight

by Denise Foley Control that calorie intake by starting with a large salad (but hold the creamy dressing)… The secret, say ...

January 10, 2014

Photo of the Day: This is the fastest way to burn fat

by Tutu Akinlabi Losing weight is definitely not an easy task, that’s why this man decided to go the direct ...

January 9, 2014

13 sure ways to prevent obesity

by Health Me Up High-fibre foods have fewer calories, little fat and lots of bulk, which keep you full. 1. Make an ...

January 4, 2014

7 simple ways to make weight loss easy

by Tara Zimliki Start basing your life around fitness by parking farther away, moving more around your home, and even ...

December 26, 2013

You need this: 10 ways to LOSE THAT WEIGHT this Christmas

by Krystle Crossman Cutting out carbs is not the key to a healthy weight. You need to learn about eating the ...

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