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June 17, 2014

11 healthy snack options that won’t get you fat

by Sobiya N Moghul     Dark chocolate has very low sugar content and sometimes a little piece here and there ...

June 13, 2014

7 tips to help you reach your weight loss goal faster

by Tara Zimliki     Start drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day so that you can speed up your ...

June 8, 2014

7 ways to lose belly fat and sculpt your abs

by Diana White     Looking for ways to lose belly fat and sculpt your abs without exhausting workouts and ...

June 5, 2014

7 smart ways to reduce the fat content in food

by Taji Mortazavi       Homemade salad dressings not only taste better, but are better for you! Most recipes ...

June 5, 2014

Want to get rid of belly fat? Here are 13 Nigerian foods you SHOULD avoid

by Oke Peter   A lot of our Nigerian meals are carbohydrate-based which in turn create fat in certain parts of ...

June 2, 2014

7 dos and don’ts of weight loss

by Tara Zimliki       Dying to lose those last 10 pounds and cardio is no longer doing the ...

May 31, 2014

6 fabulous ideas to gain some weight

by TNN     If you’re indulging where food’s concerned, beware of the inevitable skinny person’s paunch. No matter what ...

May 25, 2014

5 easy ways to work-out while traveling

by Michelle Catanese   Founders of Barre Bee Fit, fitness experts Jillian Lorenz and Ariana Chernin, say that working out on-the-go ...

April 29, 2014

Drinking only bottled water + 5 other habits that do you more harm than good

by Fitnea The rules of staying fit seem very easy to follow. Eating well, working out, getting enough sleep and ...

April 23, 2014

7 ways to make fitness fun

by Tara Zimliki Create your own fitness challenge to make fitness fun and keep you motivated to be better. Challenge ...

April 22, 2014

Watch it: 10 habits that make you fat

by Jason Otis The perimeter of the grocery store is what you need to be eating… It’s where you usually ...

April 8, 2014

10 foods that contribute to your long term weight gain or loss

by Aloka Mehta Gambir A team of Harvard  researchers has revealed the results of a study of 1,20,877 people showing ...

April 5, 2014

Did you know? 7 bad habits that cause belly fat

by Life Span So, you’ve got yourself an absolutely gorgeous bikini to wear for a pool party two weeks from ...

April 3, 2014

10 hidden health secrets of mint leaves

by Christain G. Mill Mint has more than two dozen species and hundreds of varieties. It has remarkable medicinal properties.  ...

April 2, 2014

10 surefire ways to get a flat stomach

by Anna Drinking enough water each day aids in weight loss that can help you get a flat stomach. Try ...

March 30, 2014

7 of the most effective exercises to transform your body

by Tara Zimliki Pushups make the list of exercises to transform your body because they really work. There are so ...

March 26, 2014

10 ways to burn fat and keep it off for good

by Brian Krahn The leanest people on the planet move around a lot more on a given day than those ...

March 4, 2014

11 secrets to all-day energy

by Elizabeth Jenkins We’ve all been there: Between looming work deadlines, family obligations and staying on top of bills and housework, ...

March 1, 2014

17 ways to lose weight without lifting weights

by Trina Remdios Warm ups:  Arm circles: Rotate the arms as a warm up for intense exercises. Moving your arms in ...

March 1, 2014

Did you know? 7 foods that fight inflammation and belly fat

by Dummies 1. Fruits and vegetables All fruits and vegetables, due to their rich nutrient and fiber content, help to ...

February 23, 2014

3 (surprising) reasons you aren’t seeing results of your gym workout

by Tony Gentilcore Ask yourself this question: What’s the purpose of your training? Every time you hit the gym, you need ...

June 7, 2013

Busted: 8 myths about sexual health

by Mishka Emergency contraceptives are not meant to induce abortion. If you take the ‘morning-after’ pill, also popularly known as ...

March 28, 2013

Is Kim Kadarshian now too fat? These 3 magazine covers insist she is (LOOK)

by Rachel Ogbu Gaining extra pounds during pregnancy is normal and healthy but probably when one is a celebrity what’s ...

March 28, 2013

TOO mean: Internet meme compares “fat” Kim Kardashian with a whale (LOOK, WATCH)

by Rachel Ogbu A report captioned this photo; Kim Kardashian vs Shamu the Killer Whale: Who wore it better? Just how ...

January 17, 2013

Watch it: Top 4 reasons why diets fail

From Science Daily Food eaten outside of the home tends to be much larger portion sizes and much higher in ...

December 31, 2012

20 ways to lose holiday weight gain – fast!

By Readers Digest Guilty of overeating during the holidays? Here are 20 simple ways to beat weight gain.   1. ...

November 21, 2012

Curvier Christina Aguilera’s says, ‘Get a life’ to critics (PHOTOS), and we like

by Rachel Ogbu Christina Aguilera is unapologetic about her curvy figure; The Voice judge recently spotted on the red carpet ...

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