The Media Blog: Blood of GOD. Have you seen this crazy blog?

How has no one sued them to court? How has no one attempted to shut it down? How has no one noticed to bring everyone’s attention to the mainstream media?

We have one take: it’s difficult to confess that one has discovered and is reading a blog like Go ahead. Check it out. You might need to wash yourself after, but you at least need to see this blog once before you die.

We have had to catch ourselves with our mouths wide open while reading this blog. It is, in essence, gossip. But not the type you see on Linda, because after all said and done, Linda really doesn’t do gossip as much as she does culture. Or maybe, not anymore.

#SaveMayowa wasn’t gossip for instance.

But someone talking about the son of an ex-governor doing stuff without, you know, condoms. And people’s fathers and uncles sleeping with people’s wives. All with names mentioned so brazenly that we are refusing to mention the names here because we shall not be party to anyone’s lawsuit? This is lethal stuff.

NGLStep aside, SDK blog. Don’t even come close, Instablog9ja – because you don’t have stuff this heavy. When it comes to online gossip, this brand – that doesn’t at all seem like its interested in revenues (yet) is the undisputed leader of the genre. Underground.

But not that much underground. Because, its engagement numbers are through the roof. One post gets up to 500 comments (for context: that’s more than we have ever seen on any of the other top sites – from SaharaReporters to NotJustOk).

Who runs such a brazen site? We hear it’s some guy who hacked some celebrity Instagram accounts months ago. It’s a bit of story that’s too dirty to even speculate about, so we would rather just leave it alone.

Whoever it is though, he’s dragging a lot of people through the deep, murky waters of online gossip. And everyone has been invited: Flavour, Toolz, Yomi Casual, Tinie Tempah and many other celebrities as casualties on NaijaGistLive.

Irreverent, crusty, audacious and absolutely raw. The no-holds-barred approach to writing their posts is shocking in a world where it has become very easy to locate and silence blog owners. But maybe these guy(s) have nothing to lose.

No one’s scoring on credibility or fact here. At least not us. Especially since this is mostly gist about bedrooms, and there’s no independent way (or need, to be honest) to spend precious hours confirming that.

But as media property, it’s truly remarkable (and in this case, remarkable is not necessarily a term of endearment). Also remarkable is the language, this is clearly someone (or a group of people, though we doubt that) who went to good schools, is comfortable with the language, and could easily be editing any number of upscale blogs.

This is, like, Gawker – in its barest, rawest, rid of any philosophical underbellies.

It was founded in January of 2016, and so it’s now 7 months old. It hasn’t broken through the mainstream. But it’s almost inevitable that it will be. And then, inevitably, it’ll attract mainstream scrutiny.

We will certainly be keeping an eye on how it evolves. But know this. If you thought StellaDimokoKorkus was the one you should be most afraid of, then worry deeply – there are people whose names won’t headline their blogs who have shovels – and love digging for dirt. In a country where libel suits are hardly won.

There’s an online petition calling for the site to be banned.

Only 8 people have signed.


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