How is Melania Trump going to cope with her new found fame in Washington?

Doesn’t Melania Trump remind you of Aisha Buhari?

One day they are just “flies” on the walls of their husbands’ campaigns and the next, they go “girl on fire” giving the people all the reasons to think they’re with them.

Beyond this though, it’s hard to draw any conclusive parallels between the two first ladies. Aisha Buhari won’t be meeting the Saudi Royalty without a head scarf anytime soon. And in any case, Melania does not have the task of catering to an aged and ill husband.

She is, however, moving to the White House soon.

Since the start of the Trump Administration, Melania has famously been living in New York at the Trump Towers, causing the President to have to shuttle between Washington and New York (and Mar-a-Lago too, since we are on the subject).

But Melania Trump was not just avoiding her husband – yes, in spite of her strong “get-your-hands-off-me-Trump” that we saw last week. She had to stay behind in New York to see to it their son, Barron completed the school session without having to change schools.

Now that the school session is over and Barron has reportedly been enrolled in a new school in Washington, it makes sense that Melania will no longer be a First Lady in absentia. She’s going to Washington! (you may as well say it in your best Ella voice).

She’s going to Washington! (you may as well say it in your best Ella voice).

After the 9 days that she treated the world to – especially Americans – it makes sense that people are now looking to she how she’ll keep up as the Lady of the White House in Washington where there’ll be more press coverage of her activities.

Will she host sleepovers for Barron and his friends? Will she be seen taking walks in the Rose Garden? Are we going to learn about her exercise routine? And if she’d rather abandon all the Michelle Obama things that we have become accustomed to, what will Melania be doing in Washington besides attending lunch parties in $51,000 jackets (and we hope she does because who doesn’t love to see good clothes on a beautiful woman?)

The couple returned to the United States Saturday evening and appear to have headed straight for Washington but it’s hard to tell where Melania is right now. And if she’s moved into the White House completely.

What is almost clear at this point is that the D.C Melania won’t be getting herself mixed up in the politics of Trump.

In 2016, when asked by a reporter why she wasn’t more active with her husband’s campaign, Melania responded:  “I don’t discuss politics. That’s my husband’s job. I leave that to him…I’m very political. I’m not political in public, I’m political at home.”

Now that home is the White House, things may change but that’s doubtful. Here’s a clip of her address to U.S troops in Sicily:

What she’s most likely going to be seen doing, as her activities during the trip showed, is furthering her interest in children and women’s issues. Melania has been “associated with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the Police Athletic League, the Boys Club of New York (for the past five years), and in 2005, she was awarded the title of Goodwill Ambassador by the American Red Cross.

And what she definitely will be is “very traditional” in her role as First Lady, as she told The New York Times last year. “Like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy”, she will be supporting Trump.

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