Mercy Aigbe should focus on raising her daughter better | 5 takeaways from Broadway TV’s interview with the actress’ daughter, Michelle

The first and most important thing to note about this interview is this: It Is A Total Mess.

On Tuesday, an interview surfaced on the internet. We saw Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe’s teenage daughter, Michelle answering questions next to some other young lady who seemed amused by having a camera in her face. Before turning on the audio, the first guess was: “shit, someone is asking the poor girl about her mother’s recent domestic violence controversy, don’t drag the kid into it” but it turned out she was being interviewed about her own social media presence and budding career. It had almost nothing to do with her mum. Fine!

3 minutes and a few seconds after, the question was: what the hell did I just watch?

To help you understand the situation, these are 5 takeaways from Broadway TV’s interview with Mercy Aigbe’s daughter, Michelle “Gentry”.

1. That interviewer should have stayed in school

If for nothing, at least to improve on her skills before venturing into this national embarrassment she calls a profession. Or maybe she’s an intern at Broadway TV. Still not an excuse for being inarticulate, incompetent and just terrible. Her first question to Michelle was: “As someone who we know to be a teen model and you’re one of the most like popular teen model online with like two hundred and thousand followers so okay how would you say social media has affected you positively?” That’s the exact transcript, we didn’t miss or add any words or letters. What in God’s name is “two hundred and thousand”?

2. How old is Michelle and is she in school?

We’re guessing she’s not less than 15 and isn’t that the age teenagers leave secondary school? So what could she possibly have been looking for in the sky when she was asked how social media has affected her positively? Why were most of her sentences laced with “elmmmm” “elmmmm”. Filler word, we get it but the entire interview is proof that this young girl lacks the ability to process her thoughts and express them coherently.

But calm down, don’t attack us for being so insensitive to a child. Read the next point.

3. Mercy Aigbe needs to concentrate on raising her daughter better

We get the life of a “superstar” and we get that it’s especially difficult when you’re a parent. BUT, this girl Mercy Aigbe has raised needs to be polished. First off, we hope for Mercy’s sake that girl didn’t attend all by herself. We know it was five days ago and Mercy has been out in London where she’s had herself checked by a surgeon since before then.

Then, how is it that Mercy Aigbe has given her teenage daughter unlimited access to the internet – the home of bullying, harassment and intimidation? Why does she run her Instagram page by herself considering she’s a “brand” as she described herself? How did Mercy think the kid would be able to handle 239 thousand followers many of whom are loaded with malicious intents and ulterior motives?

All those questions plus this girl can do better if she learns that there’s more to life than slaying and for a teenager who has “blown” like her, speaking fluently in public is all too important. These are lessons only her mother can teach.

4. This interview should never have happened

At least, not without her mother’s consent. We can swear Mercy Aigbe was nowhere close or had no idea her daughter was being scrutinised like this. Broadway TV should know better than to use a child for its own traffic goals.

And what’s with the over-flogging of this Mercy Aigbe controversy anyway? It reeks of desperation. You guys got the exclusive interview with the actress where she revealed details of her marriage crash. Great job! Then you run into her daughter in public and thought, “oh cool, why not milk some information out of her as well”. Poor!

5. This Nigerian gets it 

Michelle said something deeply important in that interview. She said “sometimes I actually feel like crying” and this was her response to the question of how she is affected by the comments on her Instagram page. She even referenced a very recent example of how someone insulted her mother on her own page. Mercy Aigbe should be deeply worried.

And this Instagram user puts what would have been our reaction correctly:


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