[The Music Blog]: This is a petition to Wizkid and Davido to have a public beef once and for all

Early Sunday, media outlets broke the news of a potentially brewing beef between Wizkid and Davido, after the two made suggestive social media posts allegedly targeted at each other. It would be needless to go over the details of their social media captions here, because as they have done in the past, chances are neither of them will make further comments on the speculation of a beef.

Still, rivalries are important for competition, which in turn is very paramount to the progress of any aspect of pop culture. Wizkid and Davido’s long-standing cold-war remains one of the few in today’s music industry where multiple claims by different artists to the throne of Afropop royalty hasn’t equally yielded a lot of public confrontations. However, both artists will have to switch things up a bit, if they plan to cress their beef (implied or imagined) into more than tiring tabloid headlines. Especially since media outlets have milked the potential beef between Davido and Wizkid for as long as both of them have reached the peak of their individual success.

At this point, it’s irrelevant if both artists even have an actual beef. For what is worth, the people just want a good show and both Wizkid and Davido should oblige by giving us all one. The truth has been continuously skewered by contradictory information and the continued silence of both artists anyway, we might as well just have a f__king good show.

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