Need a side hustle? Here are 4 things to consider before choosing one

The Side Hustle. Very essential to have in these times when everything is so unstable, prices are fluctuating on a daily, bills skyrocketing and food an essential luxury. Yep. It’s essential to have a side hustle in order to keep “body and soul together,

A side hustle is simply something you do asides your primary job or business. Side Hustlingis the act of getting your butt out there and pounding the pavement to make extra cash and figure out if there’s more for you in the career sense than what you’re already doing.

It also serves a purpose, either bringing in extra income or helping you do what you actually love to do with the hope of it becoming the main hustle, you dig? So here we go, consider these very carefully before you pick a side hustle;

Figure out your passion

Ask yourself these simple questions, your passion will most likely fit in this criterion;

a) You’re really good at it,

b) It’s a service or product that fills a void in the market

c) It’s a service or product that can really make you money

List all your answers out, when doing this exercise. Hold nothing back and be completely honest with your answers. Do you like dancing? Talking? Writing? Singing? Once you’re done listing them out and deciding if it has potential. You can make money doing virtually anything if you think about it and are creative enough.

Can you do it 24/7 ?

When sorting through your side hustle ideas, give some good thought to whether your side hustle has potential to be a long-term career, the kind that pays you enough to like, live. Lol.

You could do some research online, or even check LinkedIn to see how much money others have made in similar industries — or, if you’re striking out on your own completely, how other businesses in this space have fared.

Figure out how much time you have

Next thing, you need to figure out is if you actually have time for a side hustle. Can your present schedule handle it? Having a side hustle after dying at work all day will require more than a little discipline.

Look at the list of passions you made, and now analyze the time you can devote to your hustle. Is it worth the money you’ll be getting? Worth the time?

If that side hustle doesn’t pay that well but is helping you hone skills helping you at your main job, then you can stick to it for a period of time. And on the other hand, if what you really need is a steady source of revenue then any side hustle that takes all your time but does not pay is not worth it.

Talk to others in your personal or business networks.

Talking to others before picking a side hustle is a great way to discover where there’s a market for you. Not sure where to network?

With Side hustles, you need to be patient before expecting huge paychecks from whatever hustle you finally picked. With a little bit of patience and perseverance, the big bucks would definitely start rolling in. So, go out and get that side job, baby!

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