“Gay marriage is satanic” | Nigerian Bishop has a message for the United States

The fact that the U.S government legalized same sex marriage across its federation will be in the news for a while and a lot of people are going to have a lot to say about it.

People like the Bishop of Minna Diocese, Rt. Revd. Daniel Yisa, has come out openly to condemn the Supreme Court’s ruling describing it as Satan’s agenda devoid of God.

He said that gay was not a Biblical or an African practice, “If God hates it, we all must hate it.”

“We must know the basic truth of the Bible. As far as we are concerned as Nigerians, same- sex marriage is not our portion. Whoever wants to do that in his country can do that in his free volition, but should not necessarily say that the Bible says so.

“The issue is that, as a nation, we keep calling on God without meeting God’s conditions. There are certain things we are not supposed to do and there are also those we are supposed to do if we have to remain his people.

“We, as Christians and members of the Anglican family, God has remained faithful to us. And we, as humans should do our best to maintain that relationship with God. We cannot continue to wallow in sin and immorality and then claim that He is our God.

“He is a righteous God. If we must serve Him, we must try to keep ourselves righteous as He is, so that we can maintain that cordial relationship that He has established from the very beginning. We should not claim privileges without responsibilities”.

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  1. U.S. Catholics look to the Nigerian Bishops for leadership.

  2. God is against the same sex marriage. God made them male and female, not peter and steve. Pls. Check leviticus 20:13, even tattoo God is against it too. Also check leviticus 19:28. Note. America is too small to alter God’s plans for man kind.. Let watch na till 7yrs time and see wat God ve for Americans and the other countries dat are involved…

  3. This is an indication dat Christ is coming very soon. Be wise..

  4. No man can battle wit God. Many people are not aware dat God is against tattoo. Read leviticus 19:28 and the same sex marriage, check leviticus 20:13. Let he dat has ears listen… God bless.

  5. Our father in heaven have already been over told. he said don’t be surprise when you see a strange behaviour before you because a time would come which parents will rises against their children children against their parents daughter in law against her mother in law mother in law against her daughter in law Nations against nations.Father overtold us so that when we see them coming we can quickly realized that the arrival of i am and i am alpha and omega is near.so my brethren don’t be carried away see what our government wishes us the lawmakers wife’s are they men’s ?Obama u.s President the mother of his two daughters are she a man? For my own opinions here is dis so called lawmakers in fact they are not due to be called lawmakers they are due to be called lawbreakers if they would disowned their children an remarried a man who would given them children if not so i can over seeing the symptoms of insanity story in their head them can not sleep and woke up after eating nonsense food their wives over give them them decide to over instruck their people to used their hard earned money married a man keep forhouse as a wife now they are mocking Jehovah after forming Adam he realized that Adam are unwarmth God felt compassion to Adam he formed a woman which means helper who can keep him warmth why God do not created a man to Adam instead of woman i can see the beast coming from forest informed of human to over rules human being Satan do not want to see God come out victory from his labour.so is not the will of God to see man married man woman marry woman God said go and multiple covered the earth as them break the law of God their laws must be break out in Jesus name Amen.

  6. Enter your comment here…God pls disappoint the devices of the ungodly.

  7. may God help our leaders to understand dis fact oooo. Gay is a bad Omen in d side of God.we must not fall mugu for obama and his evil doings.

  8. God was not foolish when he made them male AND female. Man is doomed without God.

  9. God forbid is not our portion in nigeria

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