Nigerian Comedy Sensation Josh2Funny Wows Audience on America’s Got Talent 2023

Our very own Nigerian comedy wizard, Josh2Funny, aka Josh Alfred, the brains behind the uproarious #DontLeaveMe skit, just dropped a comedic bombshell on episode 10 of America’s Got Talent. And let me tell you, it was nothing short of a laugh riot!

Before we dive into the hilarious details, let’s take a moment to appreciate Josh2Funny’s digital prowess. With a massive Instagram 2.7 million followers and a solid TikTok fan base of 2.4 million, this guy knows how to make the internet laugh hard.

Imagine a mix of the “Fastest Rapper in the World,” the “Fastest Reader in the World,” and a dash of the “Best Magician in the World.” Got that picture in your mind? Good, because that’s exactly what Josh2Funny brought to the AGT table.

As the curtain lifted, the judges sported those classic “uh, what’s happening?” expressions. Can you blame them? Josh2Funny wasn’t exactly decked out in a clown wig and oversized shoes. But that’s where the magic happened. Just as confusion settled in, Josh2Funny worked his comedic wizardry, and suddenly, it all made sense.

Midway through the act, a collective “Aha!” rippled through the crowd. It was like witnessing a comedy lightbulb moment. The judges, the audience, even that tough cookie Simon Cowell—everyone got the memo. Josh2Funny wasn’t just a one-trick pony; he was a full-blown comedian with the crowd eating out of his comedic hands.

Before getting on AGT Josh2Funny’s skit on the, “Fastest Rapper in the World racked up an insane 44.6 million views and a whopping 3.5 million likes! It’s safe to say, the world has officially joined the Josh2Funny fan club even before he went on AGT

What’s even cooler? Josh2Funny’s AGT appearance wasn’t just about cracking jokes. It was a shining example of how humor transcends borders and unites people from different corners of the world. It’s like he turned the AGT stage into a global comedy café where everyone’s welcome to laugh and bond.

Josh2Funny has shown the world that Nigerians are indeed the reigning kings and queens of comedy. With his uproarious acts and infectious humor, he’s proven that when it comes to making the world chuckle, Nigerians take the crown.

Watch Josh2Funny’s audtion below.

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