#NightofWorshipAndProphecy: It was a night of true worship

As we were worshipping, it just struck me that the worship is beyond the lyrics. Yes, if you attend church you must have heard the phrase a couple of times. Apparently, I did not know some of the songs (so much for my boast on gospel songs). But even in my state, it didn’t matter if I knew the lyrics or not. My heart was one with the rhythm.

It was more than the goose pimples feeling, it was deep, it was soulful. It was heart-felt. It was like we were in a dance and I just knew the next step. I knew the next move. It was intrinsic.

It’s even beyond the rhythm or the melody being made, the actual melody is the one that resonates in your heart. It’s the assurance that you are not just paying lip service. The confidence that there’s someone you are actually talking to someone. It’s about re-creating that feeling even for you. That is TRUE WORSHIP!

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