Opinion: Wait, Obasanjo is now in the APC, is this still change?

by Imoh David

PDP changeThese people do not have the interest of the masses at heart. They only prey on the gullibility and desperation of the masses for their political gains.

The problem with some politically enthusiastic folks in this election is that they do not know or they pretend like the 2015 elections is nothing but a mere contest of political parties, ideas and a crave for change. You can deceive yourselves all you want and pretend like you are confronting a normal electioneering but here is the fact:

What we are seeing in the match between the PDP and the APC is nothing but a contest of greed, power, oil wells stake and of course ethnic and religious bigotry.

If ObJ, Tinubu, Atiku, Audu Ogbeh, Lawal Kaita, Saraki, Danjuma, IBB and other known crooks and former helmsmen of our institutions gang up behind one party, how can anyone talk about change? This is nothing but an evidence of marginalization of the top thieves and retired crooks who are just angry that new thieves have over-shadowed their interests, power, greed and that they are fast becoming unrecognized.

Particularly, if Obj, Atiku Audu Ogbeh, Tinubu who paraded themselves as irreconcilable foes are playing the same tune, it is only certain these old national buccaneers have a common profit and have lost a lot uncommonly. For someone like Theophilius Danjuma to spark rage for the first time in ages, that means the man is threaten. And the only thing that can threaten the man is his interests- his companies, the oil wells and oil stakes.

The only change I see here is that the old thieves are united against a common enemy and that is the administration of President Jonathan and his new team who are not accommodating the interest of the old cabals.

80% of the APC flag bearers are former PDP members. Except for the likes of General Buhari and Tinubu, the rest are ex PDP members. And yet these folks always come in public to accuse the PDP of misgovernance. Is the PDP as an acronym or a name responsible for problems or is not people that make-up the PDP?

These people do not have the interest of the masses at heart. They only prey on the gullibility and desperation of the masses for their political gains.

Now that Obj is no more a member of the PDP and now dancing with the APC, is it still reasonable to say the APC represents change or the PDP has ruled Nigeria for more than 10 years? If one should calculate the number of years occupied in offices by the top APC goons, you will see that APC has ruled the country more than the numbers of years of those in the current PDP.

Then where comest the change? Change is when Obasanjo tears his PDP card. That is what change is; that a lion can be chased out of his den.

These people are nothing but selfish and greedy lots and they don’t give a heck about the masses.

–  Imoh David tweets from @ImohDavid


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  1. Thank you my brother the old generation thieves are coming together to form a political party in the name of charge. We are waiting to see how that charge will happen. nobody will destroy Nigeria because he or she is no longer relevant in this present government.

  2. Imoh David God bless you
    I will rather remain with GEJ I know than pitch tent with hoodlums
    God bless GEJ
    God bless Nigeria

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